John Kevin Walker Due To Be Released From Oregon Prison

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Francke Case
Offender Name: WALKER, JOHN KEVIN      
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Height: 6′ 00”
Weight: 215 lbs
DOB: 11/1963
Race: White
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Blue
Caseload: 00309 Cost-Streety , Shawn 
Status:  Inmate
Institution Admission Date 09/25/2008
Earliest Release Date: 07/08/2009


Docket Number     County         Crime            Sentence Type        Begin Date      Termination Date
08C48313/01           MARI       DELIV METH       Inmate Sentence       09/25/2008                    – 

  1. Ex-Salem says:

    Do we want to take bets on how long it will be before he gets picked up again? As much as my town seems to be a meth. magnet, he better hope I don’t see him there.

  2. Rhonda says:

    He’s no threat to you as long as you let him know who you are and you know what you know. It may bring him back after all of these years, you never know. Has he done you any harm personally? He was manipulated just like the rest of us. He comes from a whole family of this kind of BS as I am sure you are already aware of.RW

  3. Rhonda says:

    He should be ashamed of himself for doing that to Frank though, agreed. He’s not the only one though.

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