2009 Summer Vacation Has Ended

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Miscellaneous
Well, it was quite a fun-filled and interesting week and we had lots of fun. Got home at 2am Sunday morning after driving straight through to Des Moines leaving Buffalo at 10am Saturday.
Avoided any speeding tickets, flat tires or car problems, and drove about 3000 miles total. Really surprised we crammed as much as we did into nine days. Would have been nice to have an extra day in NYC but we wanted to see Niagara Falls on the way home. Never had to pay more than $3.00 for a gallon of gas. Average was about $2.70. Nice to see $2.25 here in Iowa.
We didn’t join the crowd for the taping of the Today Show. Too many people and lots on our agenda, although I did get a chance to speak briefly with Ann Curry. Gave her a quick rundown of the case which she was familiar with, and left her my proposal I put together. We’ll see what happens. Sorry no pics of Ann. I was too preoccupied with simply getting her attention and a couple of minutes to make my pitch, and when I did all I could think about was making the pitch and making an impression.
Here are a few pics beginning where I left off in my last post. Pittsburgh, PA, and the security guard letting Jennafer and I inside Heinz Field, home to the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers.
Entering Pittsburgh, PA.
Think Morrison Bridge into Portland
And the security guy who let us inside the stadium
Then on to Ohiopyle, PA for some whitewater rafting
Then on to Washington DC
Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit worn on the moon
Then on to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD
And on to NYC
And Niagara Falls
I took about 800 pictures throughout the trip and shot a lot of video too. I’ll be spending some time over the next few weeks putting together some videos which I’ll share.
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    Great pictures!One of my girlfriends was in DC and Virginia around the same time you were. It did not click until she showed me a picture of her infront of the capitol and on the beach. She was in Virginia for her daughters graduation from boot camp.

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