More Vacation Video etc.

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Miscellaneous
Bought myself a brand new screamin fast computer Sunday night at Best Buy and have been busy installing software, transferring files, etc. That’s why I haven’t posted much lately. Not that I don”t have a lot to post about, believe that!
Anyway, I whipped out a quick video last week using some pics and video I shot on my vacation. This video is military themed. It’s footage I shot at Arlington Cemetary including the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and our visit to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD.
I wonder if some of you find it strange that out of all there was to see in the places we went I chose places like this. They weren’t necessarily places my girls wanted to go, but they did enjoy seeing this stuff none-the-less. We had just under ten minutes to hump the hill at Arlington up to the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. The girls were moving a bit slow so I went on ahead of them in order to catch the beginning of the changing of the guard ceremony. Made it just in time, but ended up on the wrong side. Had I been on the other side I’d have been able to shoot footage of the rifle inspection within four feet. Bummer!
Still, I got some decent footage. At one point in the video you will here a flyover of Navy jets for the funeral of Major General Cooley who died a week earlier with his wife in the DC metro crash. There was quite a crowd at the cemetary that day for his funeral along with protesters holding signs saying "don’t glorify the dead" or something like that.
The girls were ready to move on to other destinations by the time the changing of the guard ceremony was over so that was all we saw at Arlington. They didn’t care to see JFK’s eternal flame or other stuff there. I’ve seen it before anyway when I traveled to DC about 25 years ago. On that note much has changed at the cemetary since that trip.
Our visit to Annapolis was all for me. I’ve always wanted to see the place. Even had dreams as a young boy of being nominated for an appointment to Annapolis by my senator, but things just didn’t quite work out that way and I ended up joining the Marines just after I turned 17. Naturally, had I graduated Annapolis I would’ve accepted a commission in the Corps rather than the Navy.
Here’s the video and a few pics. I’m also including another video I stumbled across at YouTube of an Annapolis graduation. Wish I could’ve seen that live 
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    Darn, I can’t see that kind of videos on my work computer, those pictures make me miss "my" marine, and when I see those chairs lined up all I can think about is before my girlfriend left she was trying to decide which skirt and panties would not show the butt-sweat!Anyway…..More good photos!""Traveling Wall memorial set to arrive on Tuesday"A motor escort will bring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Traveling Wall, and the community is invited to help welcome it."Of course it was a Tuesday and I was working!!!

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