Earth to Rob: Recent comment on my “Reflecting On Five Years Of”

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Francke Case
Wouldn’t want anyone to miss the recent activity on my "Reflecting" post.
Ex-Salem commented:
"Obviously I read this post before, but something that stuck out at me this time is the fact that you question peoples stories and actions. Nothing wrong with that, I do it all the time too. Only problem is, this is known tweekers, so you know they are going to lie, bullshit and spin the truth however they want. I don’t think I have ever heard an honest word coming out of a tweeker, spun or not!!! I would not trust one, past or present. So unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever hear the "true" story."
Rob Commented:
So why did Frank’s sister Francine and Kevin Francke turn on me in favor of these tweekers? That’s mostly what I’m questioning in this post. Why did Francine create a message forum with Ron Spier to simply talk smack about me? Why did Francine accuse me of screwing things up for Frank because the Franckes paid him $3000? Why does Francine threaten to cut Frank off from the money she sends him if he continues to correspond with me? Reread the post for the rest of the "why’s, and with regard to Francine, you can always ask her yourself. She did accept you on her friends list, right?

Ex-Salem commented:
I don’t even know that it is "HER" for a fact.
The only way to understand a tweeker is if you are/were one. Sorry, I fail that test.
I guess I am just as confused about all of this too. Not to mention extreamly frustrated, not as pissed off as I was back in the early 90’s, but close.
Unfortunately methamphetamine was involved.
It is my opinion that unless someone "sober" witnessed what happened, we will never hear the truth, because the idiots don’t know and the lies get spun. (keeps them entertained I guess)
I’ve been told, once a tweeker, always a tweeker.
Either they were trying a strategy to get information, or they went back to the crap.

I hope that I don’t piss anyone off, if I do, sorry, it is just my lame opinion. But I am not scared, I’ve got my metal-colander hat and the feds tailin’ me. Don’t forget my house at the beach.

Rob commented:
Well gee ex, no offense, but frankly I don’t know you are who you say you are…for a fact.

I made a post directly after this "reflecting" post which included email correspondence between Kevin Francke and I. Francine commented on that post as follows…

francine Sinnett wrote:
Rob, you can call me all the names you want, make claims that you know me, which you don’t. I am asking you nicely to leave my name out of your mouth and just leave me alone. I will continue to do whatever Frank wants me to do, not what you want me to do. I don’t care if Frank calls you or who he calls. He is a big boy and can do as he pleases.

Oh, it’s Francine alright. Only someone as stupid as her would presume I would respect her request asked nicely or otherwise, and all one has to do is read this "reflecting" post to understand why I speak of her the way I do. She pretty much tops my list of idiots I’ve encountered since creating my website, and that’s a fairly long list.

On that note Ex, I’m still confused why this particular post is compelling you to harp so much on the credibility of tweekers. This post is mostly about the peculiarities of the actions I’ve encountered over the years regarding the Franckes and Francine. Funny thing, this blog has been averaging nearly 400 hits per week for the past three months, and out of those hits I’ve got about a dozen loyal site visitors who read this post and tell me behind the scenes that they are shocked at the actions of the Franckes and Francine, but don’t bother to share those particular opinions here in the blog. Know what I mean?

Hey, that’s their choice, but that’s why I suggested you contact Francine and ask her what up yourself…or even Kevin Francke for that matter. Frankly I doubt you’ll get a response from either. What justification could they possibly offer you, me or anyone else for their actions that anyone with half a brain wouldn’t recognize as BS?

I mean really…what excuse could Francine possibly give for accusing me of screwing things up for Frank because the Franckes paid Shorty? What excuse could the Franckes give for not defending me knowing they were the ones responsible for paying Shorty?

What excuse could Kevin give for accusing me of keeping some of that money when I gave him every opportunity to negotiate his financial arrangement with Shorty himself? What excuse could Patrick give for lying in his Willamette Week post saying him and Kevin met with Shorty knowing full well they didn’t, and saying such knowing I was taking crap from Francine for what he was attempting to take credit for? Or how about the fact neither of the Franckes even recognized Shorty when I told both of them he was coming to the bar we were at, and now Patrick posts a bold-face lie saying they met with him. What excuse could the Franckes offer for conspiring with the Portland Tribune to report the Shorty interview was paid for with $1000 and not the correct amount of $3000, plus making it appear in print that I paid Shorty and quoting me as saying the money came from the Franckes?

In hindsight, and in light of all that’s happened since that interview, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Franckes and Phil Stanford conspired to make me go away. Why? Because I was digging too deep. They don’t want the truth to be found out because along with the truth comes other truths with which they desire to keep secret. As if there weren’t enough conspiracy theories going around I have to offer another one. LOL!

But all you have to do is really examine what’s transpired.

Stanford or the Franckes have brought nothing to the table that can help free Frank Gable in 20 years. All they’ve brought is conspiracy theories. Oh yeah, they made a movie about Kevin’s experiences coming to Oregon. A movie that Frank Gable doesn’t even like me talking about because it portrays him as a snitch. A movie that put cash in their pockets.

After that Stanford disappears for six years until he’s hired at the trib in 2001. Doesn’t write a thing about the Francke case until 2004 when Goldschmidt admits having sexual relations with his 14 year old babysitter. Of course Stanford began writing about the Francke case then. Just another angle to keep spinning Goldy’s pedophilia which was pleasing to businesses purchasing ad space in the paper. It’s always about the money. Always!

Not a word from the Franckes from 1995-2004, and of course that’s when the Goldy scandal appeared and so did I.

From 2004-2009 Stanford wrote only about 4-6 Francke related columns. Half of those were due to me appearing and bringing Shorty to the table.

Stanford turned down an opportunity to write the Greg Johnson story saying there was no way to prove what he was saying, and instead writes about the snitch Jack Rowlands who claimed he knew where dirty PDX cops buried the body of someone they killed. So where’s the proof Rowlands was being truthful. LOL! Hell, Stanford was under so much pressure for awhile there to pump out columns that he religously wrote about the UFO sightings over PDX on an annual basis and wrote about Nick’s Coney Island nearly a dozen times. Wasn’t like that column space couldn’t have been used for Francke related stuff. There was Greg Johnson as I mentioned, as well as Meg Hanson and her MIPS spin. You know, the one where Kevin told Meg who she actually saw fixing the copy machine. THE MIPS spin was actually one of Phil’s babies. Hell, he could’ve possibly interviewed Melody Rothschild Garcia had it not been for Kevin compromising my correspondence with her after she contacted me.

Oh, and it goes on and on. Times like this I always think of one of those final lines in the movie Planet of the Apes.

"Don’t look for it Taylor…you may not like what you find."

  1. Ex-Salem says:

    I don’t know, maybe I was PMS’ing, which would be odd since I have past that stage in my life……… at least physically. LOLIt’s that Chantex I tell you, it messed up my head!!! I even got written up at work.Regardless, I hate tweekers!!! I am out numbered 2-1 and I guess sometimes/most times that spills over.Time to go for now, but I will be back when I can comment more specifically.

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