Granny/Pam Quinn on Kevin Francke’s Facebook Friends List

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Miscellaneous
After filling out the info to sign the petition asking Michael Moore to film a documentary on wrongful convictions I ended up having to sign in to the petition site. I was able to do that using my login info for Facebook, and while I was logged in I decided to check out Kevin’s current friends list there. Lo and behold, there she was, not as Pam Quinn, but as Pam Wirkkala. Ya know, I could swear that’s the surname of her husband before Mr. Quinn. Hmmm…weird.
Also weird to see her on Kevin’s friend list. Why? Because she’s the one who initiated the theory that Liz may be lying about what happened when she shot Tim Natividad. ‘Course she did it anonymously over at the Greg Kellcy story at the WW. Do you think she convinced Kevin it wasn’t her posting those allegations or do you think she got Kevin to really listen to her theory using all the correspondence gleaned from my site with regard to Ron Spier which is what got her started on the theory in the first place?
If the latter is true, then Liz is sleeping next to a man who secretly suspects her of lying and maybe being a cold-blooded killer. Goddamn movie of the week shit I’m tellin ya!
Ever since I met the Franckes Kevin has kept Liz in the dark about everything happening in the case. Oh Liz knows about the allegations being made about her, but she thinks they came from me cuz that’s the way Kevin laid it down to her.
Yep, I’ve been relegated to playing the part of the bad guy in all this, so in my best Tony Montana impression…Say hello to da bad guy! LOL!
If I was Liz I’d be questioning my husband’s relationship with a woman who thinks I’m a cold-blooded killer. Hell, I was kicked to the curb by Liz for suspecting as much. Know what I mean? 
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    Well, but even if Kevin does suspect Liz of killing Tim Natividad, that would not necessarily be a scarry thing if he believes she was justified. It is not like she killed his brother, Michael. But then I would not want to piss her off either! LOL But if you end up with two dead husbands, they are going to look harder at the second case. So, you get convicted on that one, but you are still dead!I would be a little annoyed that now there is no ‘real’ way to prove if the ‘real’ killer is alive or dead.Playing both sides of the fence is quite interesting…… makes you wonder who was or is being used.

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