Anonymous Granny comments on Stanford’s Column “The Case Of The Blonde And The Oil Truck Continues…”

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Francke Case
As I recently commented, another riddle has presented itself. My curiosity has been aroused as to why Kevin Francke and Pam Quinn/Wirkkala, aka Granny, are friends on Kevin’s Facebook page. As I stated recently, Granny had initiated a theory in anonymous posts at the WW’s Greg Kellcy article regarding the conflicting accounts given by Liz Godlove/Francke and Ron Spier as to Tim Natividad’s whereabouts the entire night preceeding his murder. Liz claimed Natividad was with her the entire night holding her hostage, and Spier claimed Natividad was with him.
Using Ron Spier’s comments on my website and email correspondence Granny obtained from myself and Jeanette Hall, she began to piece together a rather interesting theory. One that she first offered up anonymously on the WW website, and eventually offered anonymously once again in Phil Stanford’s column "The Case Of The Blonde And The Oil Truck Continues…"
At the end of that column, Phil remarks "But as Joe correctly observes, if you get your name in the papers like this, you’ve got a right to tell your side of the story." Joe Evans is the owner of the Queen of Hearts bar, and just happens to be a former OSP prison guard.
I couldn’t resist posting a comment to this column after reading that, and it apparently paved the way for Granny to offer up her newfound theory in the form of a very clever riddle, suggesting Phil write a column about it.
Note to Ex-Salem: Curiously, the comment you posted is no longer there.
Here are the comments…
Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

"But as Joe correctly observes, if you get your name in the papers like this, you’ve got a right to tell your side of the story."

Hmmm…that’s an intriguing proposition. You mean I’m owed column space to tell my side of the "what’s really being done or not being done to free Frank Gable" story? LOL! Does that mean Kevin Francke too. Now I’m really FLMAO!


(email verified)

Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 06:14 PM


Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

Taylor, is it on your site? What’s being done to free Kevin Francke too? Who’s got him?


Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 02:08 PM 

A post by Ron Spier perhaps?


The following post is the beginning of the riddle Granny offered up. I am including bold text inserts to help readers better understand the riddle.

Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

Here’s another great story, in segments cuz of space problems here, waiting for Phil to write about in a column!

Rumor has it, over at Iberis off off Lancaster, they’re a little upset to recently have their street name connected, however tangentially, to the long-ago self-defense trial of a woman(Liz) who once lived there, not to mention a repair shop owner/guy (Ron Spier) whose ex-wife was living across the street (from the later acquitted woman on Iberis) (Liz) the morning of the shooting of the repair shop guy’s good friend. (Natividad) Now, Phil, there’s a doozy of a story to follow up on.

Especially, since it’s pretty clear that the repair shop owner (Spier), a regular friend of the local judges and DA’s back then (he claims), says he didn’t have anything to do with it, or the one two weeks earlier.(The Francke murder) 

The repair shop owner, (Spier) who was storing the dead guy’s (Natividad) car for a while before that fateful night in January 89,(night of Natividad’s murder) says the cops have told him he’s not a suspect for either. Plus, you’ve got the case of the other murder, two weeks earlier,(Francke murder) and the DA from that time, who is convinced the guy he convicted (Frank) just might be the MIPS seen a couple weeks earlier at the other murder scene. But, this gets even better, Phil!

Now pay attention carefully, Phil, the dead guy on Iberis’ other friend (Greg Kellcy) recently came forward and fingered the dead Iberis guy for being involved in the murder two weeks earlier, and says they dropped the getaway car off at the shop the night of that murder, the shop of the guy whose ex-wife (Spier’s ex-wife) lived on Iberis across from the woman who shot the man on Iberis,(Liz) with a gun the repair shop guy claims was earlier his, given to him by a DA who stole it from his work, who went to prison for taking a gun from work! Crazy, huh?

"he said vs she said"

Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 04:01 PM

Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

Rolling on the floor laughing! (ROFL) I’ve been learning those text message call letters in order to decipher my step-daughters messages. Haha!

So yeah, great comment with that Iberis St. story. Phil won’t write a column on it though. I mean, he passed on the Greg Johnson/Kellcy story to begin with due to credibility issues, and Greg is one of the characters mentioned in the story.

Figure in the credibility issues pertaining to another character in that story, and I’m even more sure Phil won’t write about it.

Figure in yet even further Phil’s personal relationship with another character of the story, and I’m practically convinced he won’t write about it!

I mean c’mon, where is he gonna find the time between writing about the UFO’s, Nick’s Coney Island, Bojack, and the freakin Rose Festival Parade?

There’s your reality.

You’d think a former Dome Building employee who actually spoke to the Man in the Pinstriped Suit while he was allegedly fixing a copy machine, and who claims that Dennis Plante, the guy who testified at Gable’s trial saying he was the guy who was there fixing the copy machine…you would think the Dome Building employee calling Plante a liar would be a worthy story for his column.

Three years…still waiting.

You would think, since Phil told you Redden and Budnick were gearing up to do that MIPS story, that one would’ve been published by now.

Two years…still waiting.

You would think the fMRI Lie Detector people offering to perform free testing on all subjects related to Frank Gable’s case, and the fact Frank’s federal attorneys support that idea would be a worthy subject for at least a sideline to the Rose Fesival or UFO stuff.

You would think since Phil told you he would mention it in his column that something would’ve shown up by now.

Been nearly a month…still waiting.

You would think the excellent piece written by someone at the Greg Johnson editorial pertaining to the untimely death of Frank Thompson might spark an interest in Phil, and it certainly did if he doesn’t mind me saying, and if he does…oh well. I must live up to my reputation you see.

Oh that’s right, Phil told me he doesn’t know anything about that.

Gee, I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with that cool pic of Phil I posted a link to at the Greg Johnson editorial. I mean, c’mon Phil, big deal Angie was a stripper. Your readers won’t be surprised by that.

Hmmm…I wonder if Bojack would call Phil out if he were in my shoes? Well, he’d havta shake him off his leg first.


Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 06:01 PM


Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

Oh yeah, if Jack Rowlands was part of the story we would’ve probably seen something by now.


Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 06:52 PM


Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

Jack Rowlands, maybe we can fit him in?

"why not"

Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 07:43 PM


Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

don’t know about Jack,

but the repair shop guy didn’t likely ordinarily work on cars all night. He claims he did all night, till morning, with the man shot by the woman on Iberis.

(oops, but the woman on Iberis claimed at her trial the dead guy on Iberis was with her all night!! three’s a crowd in this story)

and second, the repair shop guy says he and the Iberis dead man chased each other up Lancaster at 7am from light to light (right before the dead guy went to the woman’s apartment where he got shot when morning came).

this plot is getting thick as curdled gravy on cold potatoes…

"part 2 she said then he said"

Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 07:49 PM

Re: The case of the blonde and the oil truck continues

popcorn anyone?


“as morning came”, the man on Iberis got shot, and the repair shop guy soon drove away from Iberis, and got out of his Chevelle at the Cylinder Head Service on Cherry Ave (he claims) & gave the owner, "Roddie" the head from the dead man’s 260 Z, that he and the dead Iberis man had just worked on all night at the repair guy’s shop (he claims) pulling that head. This is while the dead Iberis guy was also at the woman’s house on Iberis all night, keeping her prisoner, according to her.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense! Roll back the scene! Cut!

"she said vs he said 3"

Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 08:02 PM


And Frank says he’s being told my website is negative and not helping matters. The only negativity is that which was initiated by his sister with her ridiculous accusations, and that which was unleashed upon me by Kevin. Yeah, the guy who has spent the past five years building a website to inform others and possibly generate interest in a case that had grown cold as hell. Had it not been for me doing such, nobody would’ve ever heard of Granny, Ron Spier, or countless others who have traversed the pages of my website and offered their comments, opinions or assistance. This theory that Granny developed would’ve never been possible, nor her brilliant "Untimely Deaths" piece or her "Third party defense" contribution that you can bet your bottom dollar on will be used by Nell Brown in Frank’s federal appeal.


I applaud Granny for her contributions made possible by me creating a website with the hope someone would do exactly as she’s done. However, I give her a thumbs down to the methods she has used in doing such.

So now she’s corresponding with Kevin and on his friends list. I suppose Phil Stanford is stringing her along as well in order to use information she’s gathered for his book. So the latest riddle is why Kevin would correspond with someone who suspects his wife may be a killer and not a victim.


Can’t help wondering if Kevin and Liz sleep next to each other every night with one eye open. LOL!

  1. Ex-Salem says:

    hmm, I wonder why my comment is not there anymore, maybe I "slanderized" someone. But stating a fact of someones past occupation does not seem to be slander to me, unless they are working for the fed’s and they don’t want anyone to know their background. But if that is the case, move to the east coast!I also find it interesting that Joe would hire ex-cons to work at his bar. I thought that was illeagal as far as the OLCC is concerned. I can’t say if any of them are still employed there now though.I like the last sentence, reminds me of: "Well you’ve got to sleep sometime!" LOL

  2. Ex-Salem says:

    I am still shocked that everyone keeps mentioning the autoshop and nothing about the cabinet shop on Silverton and Lancaster. I guess they are just a different level of criminals. Meth vs. Pot

  3. Rob says:

    Oh I’m sure the cabinet shop has been discussed amongst Kevin and his ship of fools, especially when you consider Ron Spier is on Kevin’s Facebook friends list as well. Maybe Spier will disappear off the list now that I’ve mentioned it. An LG game. Whatever the case, it’s comical that Spier and Pam ar both on his friends list. All the BS and gameplaying they’ve spewed at Frank’s expense has been amusing. Doesn’t effect my life.

  4. Ex-Salem says:

    Although sometimes I think we all lose sight of the whole point…. to figure out "what "really" happened".It sucks that they have myspace and facebook blocked here at work…… I could really waste some time then! LOL

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