Francine Sinnett Signs Michael Moore Petition

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Miscellaneous
I recently made a post about a petition that was started asking Michael Moore to film a documentary on our "Injustice System."
Today I checked to see how many new signatures had appeared since I signed it, and was surprised to see it was up to 234 signatures with a goal of 1000.
I was even more surprised to see Francine had signed it. Pretty classy move on her part I must say, and a step in the right direction to make me rethink my feelings toward her.
I doubt her and I will ever see eye to eye on things, but one thing I’m sure of is she loves Frank and wants to see him free, and she despises the justice system. Not sure I can say the same for a few others I’ve encountered. Please prove me wrong.
So what up with the rest of you? Should be more familiar signatures on that petition.

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