Mail Correspondence Between Frank Gable and Rob Taylor of 2007

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Francke Case
Yesterday I posted my first installment of mail correspondence between Frank and I. These installments will continue for as long as I see fit.
Over the past five years I have devoted a considerable amount of time in creating a website, message forum and blog with regard to the wrongful conviction of Frank Gable. I did such to inform others of this travesty of justice, and to obtain answers for myself. If those answers assisted Frank Gable in his case, then all the better. So I began to seek out witnesses, much the same way Kevin Francke did when he moved to Oregon.
As if all that didn’t consume a large majority of my free time, as well as expose potential hazards to me and my family, I established a friendship with Frank as well, and spent an additional considerable amount of time writing letters to Frank.
After five years there are hundreds exchanged between the two of us.
Many who are interested in Frank’s case are aware of the many peculiarities I’ve encountered and opined. Those opinions are supported further within the many pages of letters shared between Frank and I. Some of what you will read I’ve taken the time to rewrite at various times in my blog in defense of false accusations and attacks leveled against me by Frank’s own sister, Kevin Francke and others.
But there is much more contained within those pages. Most notably, Frank’s responses.
It is my belief that it is quite difficult for the average person who hasn’t devoted the amount of time I have, or accomplished what I have, to fully understand why I take these attacks and false allegations so personal, or fully understand the implications of the many peculiarities I’ve encountered.
Hopefully, sharing my personal correspondence with Frank will make it easier for you to put yourself in my shoes. I can guarantee these letters will afford you an additional, interesting perspective. One which may even surprise you.
Although I’ve been shocked at some of the situations I’ve encountered, I’m not surprised. Alas, these situations probably best describe why there have not been any new developments in Frank’s case until I came along…why Frank’s state appeal has been allowed to linger for the past four years over a worthless resentencing argument, and why he will most likely be an old man if he ever sees freedom.
Today I’m posting a series of links to letters written by both Frank and I. These letters were exchanged around the same time as the letter I posted yesterday, and during the time Frank was sharing info with me about Greg Johnson/Kellcy coming forward. One of these letters reflect one of the many times Frank has asked me to do various things for him that’s he’s been unable to get anyone else to do, including his own sister, and he makes comments regarding his frustrations with some of these people. A portion of Frank’s character I have never found appealing, although never allowed that to sway my opinion that he is a wrongfully convicted man and deserves to be free regardless of character flaws. Nor should anyone else.
Frank writes to say he doesn’t trust or believe Ron Spier
Frank talks about problems with his sister Francine
  1. Ex-Salem says:

    I could not imagine living on the roller-coaster of dispair.Dayum, I have a hard enough time keeping positive all the time out here. You know, if nothing else, it is an inspiration to us idiots that forget and take life and freedom for granted!I am going to go have a smoke and a beer and thank the Lord!

  2. Rob says:

    Maybe that’s what seperates me from others, in that I can imagine the roller coaster of despair. It is part of what compelled me to try to help. I like to think I’m not one of the idiots that forget, and take life and freedom for granted.The idiots will probably get a good laugh out of that one.

  3. Rob says:

    LOL! Francine’s myspace page says she’s pissed off. Like that’s anything new. She was born pissed off I think. You think this post might be the reason why she’s pissed off? I mean, seeing the way her own brother talks about her in his letters to me. Like not having a clue about his case, not thinking she believes in the truth enough to step up and really do something. Not believing the Franckes or Phil will ever do anything to help. Frank even says he doesn’t trust Ron Spier. Has had his homies looking into the guy. Hasn’t heard from Louise Glass or others. All the while his sister is out here befriending these people. Creating a message forum with Spier so they can all talk smack about me. For what? Thinking the same things about all these people that Frank himself does. You think she’s pissed cuz Frank’s own words talk about how she pressures him to cut off contact with me by threatening to stop sending him money? Oh wait, I guess he didn’t quite spell that out specifically enough in these letters, but there are other letters coming. Kinda pathetic that this woman would attempt to drive a wedge between Frank and the one guy he’s been able to count on. Even more pathetic that Frank would allow it, but it is always about the benjamins right? And Frank wonders why so many people lied about him. Well, don’t havta worry about that with me. The truth is better than any lie I could ever make up, and I’ve got so much more truth to share.

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