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Posted: August 27, 2009 in Emails
For those interested in "what really happened."
Something someone told me at the time of the murder and they were pretty perceptive, plus grew up in Salem and knew a lot of ins and outs, plus knew a lot of people and even dabbled in politics… they said they were haunted by the picture of Neil G at Mike’s funeral, they described it as showing the pain of a lover…so no, not to imply they were lovers but that there was something more behind it…well, like if you brought the person to your state for slaughter???? Just an interesting side comment.
To my analysis, I start from the recruit of Mike. OK someone allegedly wanted to get to the bottom of the corruption. So who motivated that move? How was Mike chosen? He comes in. There’s talk that things are really messed up but that doesn’t really indicate how bad and how deep. The corrupt poeple might think they were clever enough at first to keep things hidden but at some point there had to be a tipping point. What did Mike find and when to make things into a need to kill him? Then was it the decision of one or a star chamber? (Many, is my speculation). So then who gets the job of setting it up?
What are the options – go professional (less risk) – MIPS ??? Or go to the tweakers because you think you own them and no one will believe them if they talk. Well, the problems with that is if you get enough of them – can you risk people not listening to them? And they would be talking – some for the glory and some for dope and some because they know real facts. Also, a tweaker is more likely to actually farm this out and perhaps that person does too. Happens all the time. So who do they approach who will get it done? and its a big risk that a tweaker will be successful. So if its Tim what makes him tip from doper to potential murderer? And the $20.000 ? Would they really pay that much when a lot less would entice a doper. If it was paid – where did it go?
Was Jan 17th the D-day – had to be done by or just the day it happened? If it was Tim, then someone gave him info as to date, time when Mike would be leaving work and where his car would be. Tim picks a knife because he’s comfortable with that – but he has guns too. A knife is a real up close and personal weapon but it also has a built in silencer.
I think he confronts Mike at his car – Mike never gets in and killer doesn’t want to get in before or after event and leave evidence. The car door is left open – tweaker isn’t thinking – and he marches Mike back to building because he wants to return to his office to not do it in the open, make it look a certain way and also to make sure he gets the documents he is supposed to get. So Mike from being confronted at car has car keys and briefcase in hand. He realizes his chances get worse if he is not in the open (or so it would be logical to presume) – he’s at the door puts the keys on the drain pipe to free hand – does he head butt or try to hit killer with brief case? A struggle. and he gets stabbed, Killer grabs briefcase and runs. Mike goes up stairs slowly (first signs of blood, right?) and then falls to knee at door due to blood loss and props himself up to break window and collapses.
Now has anyone ever answered why when someone finds car door open and no answers to pages – why a perimeter check is not made. Did anyone call his home? Who was the guy who found the door open? Who did page him? Doesn’t make sense unless someone got to him. Where is he now? (like in Erin Brochavitch (sp) – the case bust open because of previous employee who didn’t have anything to lose).
So if Tim did it…was he killed to shut him up and gain access to his stuff? But would committing two murders not open up the risks? Was Liz more involved? I own a .44 but it is not a usual gun for a woman to use and use effectively. Gun of conveneience? Didn’t Tim have lots of guns to choose from if it was his? And who was it?
But if Liz was a part of this – why let her case go beyond the Grand Jury? Why not just rule it self defense at that point? And who was her defense attorneys at trial???
And why not blame it on Tim – it would be convenient because he is dead – why did they need to frame Frank? Wasn’t that a huge risk? So many people involved to pull it off. Granted they did have Goldy by the balls all right… but could they guarentee that to be enough?
So was the corruption really that big – for murder (I know it can take a lot less to order up a kill) but when one goes from crook to killer again there’s a tipping point. And who ordered the kill and who were the minions? Who was the Big Fish?

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