Video of the Day – “Hurricane Carter” Bob Dylan

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Videos
Lotsa controversary and infighting surrounding the case of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Sound familiar? Nevertheless, he was freed (not exonerated) after spending over 20 years in prison. In large part due to the overwhelming amount of support he generated from some influential people and a 16 year old boy who began writing to Carter while he was in prison. Amazing what support can accomplish.
Makes me wonder why Frank’s family and the Franckes have never attempted to generate such support, and instead tore down what I tried to get started. Makes me wonder what would happen if Angelina Jolie was approached to assist in generating support. She is quite rich and famous now. I wonder what Jolie’s perceptions of the Franckes were and of this case when she starred in the movie. Not like I haven’t brought up this idea before. Matter of fact, it was hardly acknowledged at all when I did.
One of my favorites by Dylan.

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