Judge overturns triple-murder convictions of Philip Cannon | KATU.com – Portland, Oregon

Posted: September 2, 2009 in News Articles


Judge overturns triple-murder convictions of Philip Cannon | KATU.com – Portland, Oregon | News#idc-

After reading the few articles recently published on Cannon’s conviction being overturned, I continue to be amazed over everyone’s ignorance of the legal process, including the media. For example, more than once I read, "Cannon to get new trial." That headline or statement is premature and not accurate at this point. The state is preparing to present their case to the grand jury in order for them to decide whether or not to indict Cannon a second time. If he is indicted, then he will get a second trial, and should also have a bail hearing. If not, then he should be released immediately.

The amount of media exposure given to this recent development is seriously lacking as well. Kitzhaber seeking an unprecedented third term as Oregons governor far outweighs the exposure given to Cannon’s case. Recycled trash is the story there, and if Oregonians are interested in change and breaking up the good ‘ol boys, they will not vote for him.

I’ve also noticed a lot of comments where people feel the state should compensate Cannon if he’s freed. The media could do a good service by reporting that Oregon is one of the twenty-five states that doesn’t have compensation statutes for the wrongfully convicted.

Hopefully this case, if Cannon is freed, will jumpstart legislation that will allow those who are wrongfully convicted to be compensated for such.

  1. shylox3 says:

    My Bad! I get to reading and typing and get way ahead of myself. I knew it didn’t mean new trial. I know that I got ahead of the process with my comment. It would sure be nice if some of the people posting over there would make a trip over here and start commenting. If we can just get some people talking this through again, it could help some of us. Tammy

  2. Rob says:

    I wasn’t necessarily referring to you as much as I was the media. Headlines claiming Cannon is going to get a new trial reminded me of the headlines back in 2006 when the media reported Frank may get a new trial after he won action on his resentencing argument. Those headlines were even more ridiculous because they were completely untrue. As you know we are still waiting to hear if Frank will get a shot at being resentenced. If he does they will reconvene a new jury, but only to determine the new sentencing option. Not guilt or innocence. Hardly a trial, although similar in appearance.

  3. Ex-Salem says:

    "… I continue to be amazed over everyone’s ignorance of the legal process, …"heck, I am just amazed at everyones ignorance period!! LOL(Sorry, just one of those days, I could not resist. I am not the sharpest spoon in the drawer, but dayum I work with a bunch of idiots!!!!)

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