Freefrankgable Website Now Listed on Justice Denied Website

Posted: September 6, 2009 in Francke Case
Hans Sherrer, publisher of the Justice Denied and Forejustice websites, has included a link to the freefrankgable website on his "Justice Denied" site. The link can be found near the bottom on his "Innocents of the Web" page.
Mr. Sherrer is based out of Seattle, WA., and is familiar with the Francke/Gable case having attended the premier of "Without Evidence" at the Portland Art Museum.
Mr. Sherrer has wrote extensively on the problems associated with wrongful convictions. I encourage everyone to visit his websites which offer a wealth of very informative information. He has also expressed an interest to me in obtaining an article on Frank’s case for profiling on his website.
Article submission guidelines can be reviewed at the following link…
For further information on the appeals battle Frank is facing, and what can be expected from the judges who will rule on his case, I encourage you to read Mr. Sherrer’s law review article written in 2003 entitled "The Complicity of Judges in the Generation of Wrongful Convictions." It’s not a pretty picture.

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