James Michael Francke-Born October 2, 1946 – Died January 17, 1989

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Francke Case
I think of you daily Mr. Francke, and the principles for which you stood for.

I think of the difference you could’ve made for my beloved home state of Oregon had you not been assassinated on that cold winter night.

You are remembered and will never be forgotton.

You are my hero.


The just released Alice in Chains – "Black Gives Way To Blue" – Now playing on homepage of this blog


I’m dedicating this song today, and the rest of the week to the memory of James Michael Francke

Born October 2, 1946 – Died January 17, 1989

  1. shylox3 says:

    It’s such a shame. There are so few very honest people, who put the safety of others first. The worst part of this whole thing was mentioned earlier on this site. Michael Franke was a sitting duck. He did the job he was hired to do, and did it so well that it got him killed. It’s like going hunting, and leaving a food trail straight back to your camp. I’ll never understand how so many many people could just look the other way. Not want to get involved, out of fear. Poeple have aged 20 years, is there no one who wants a clear conscience when they leave this world? Many have died off already, many are close, doesn’t anyone want to be the hero before they go? A Good Man came to Oregon to help us, and they all got scared and buried their heads. Although I find it hard to imagine, Rest in Peace Mr. Franke!

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