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Well, we know one ex Portland wrestler who will probably get a chuckle over this.

Katherine Dunn Attacked In NW Portland

A renowned Portland author fought off a suspected purse snatcher Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Katherine Dunn, 65, was in the area of Northwest 21st Avenue and Glisan Street at about 4:15 p.m. when 25-year-old Brandy Carroll tried to take her purse, officers said.

Dunn said the struggle lasted several minutes on the front step of her apartment building until a neighbor hear Dunn’s cry for help and intervened.

"She kicked me in the legs and slapped my face, so I began to punch her," Dunn said. "I yelled ‘Help! She’s trying to rob me,’ and she yelled ‘No! She’s trying to rob me, trying to take my stuff,’ which I thought was pretty sharp of her."

Portland Author Fights Off Purse Snatcher – Portland News Story – KPTV Portland


An assistant federal public defender was found dead in her Southwest Portland home, the apparent victim of a homicide, Portland police said late Wednesday.

Nancy S. Bergeson, 57, a well-liked attorney, vigorously defended bank robbers, con men and drug dealers during about 18 years with the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Portland. She was found dead Tuesday, a day after she represented a man in a tax evasion conspiracy case in U.S. District Court here.

A friend who stopped by her home in the 4100 block of Southwest Hamilton Street about 3 p.m. Tuesday saw Bergeson lying on the floor and called 9-1-1.

"Vigorously defended bank robbers, con men and drug dealers," typical Oregonian trash-talk. Disgusting! 

Assistant U.S. public defender found slain in SW Portland home | Portland News – –

Bermudez was convicted in 1992 of murdering Raymond Blount, 16, after the victim punched another teen in the Marc Ballroom near Union Square. He was jailed for 435 days before his conviction and arrived in state prison on Oct. 13, 1992.

Last week, a Manhattan judge declared him an innocent man. Supreme Court Justice John Cataldo dismissed the case based on witness misconduct.

One witness lied on the stand, and others were allowed to view a mug shot of Bermudez before they identified him. All have since recanted.

A federal judge cleared the last obstacle for Bermudez, releasing him Thursday from serving a 27-month sentence on a drug conviction. The judge’s order ensures Bermudez will remain free through June 30, 2010, as his lawyers ask federal officials to credit his drug sentence as time served.

The similarities are always there, arent they?

"Justice is possible for those who fight," said an ecstatic Bermudez. "Justice is possible for those who hope."

Wrongfully jailed for 18 years, Fernando Bermudez is now a free man. – M.A.C.O.T.I

It’s unfortunate other states don’t have these Innocence Clinics, including Oregon. The wrongful conviction of Frank Gable for the murder of Oregon Corrections Chief Michael Francke has many similarities to the Provience case. Nearly identical!

Check it out… 

YouTube – No DNA to Test: The Wrongful Conviction of Dwayne Provience

Interesting site considering Frank is incarcerated in Nevada.

Make The Walls Transparent

Sometime in the past 12-18 months or so Billy Jack Haynes finally got his chance to speak out. The interview, which really isn’t much of an interview because Billy is the only one doing the talking, was apparently shot on video for wrestling enthusiasts and by wrestling enthusiasts.
Billy, fairly quickly, mentions getting stabbed and beat up in 2006, and Phil Stanford writing about it in the Trib. Nothing nice to say about Phil.
The shoot lasts about 2 hours and 37 minutes, and is mostly an attack on Vince McMahon. Billy does finally mention the Francke murder around 2:17-2:21, and again at 2:22, saying something about being forced to leave Oregon before testifying at the Francke murder trial, and that his father’s life was threatened if he testified. 
Classic Billy rambling on and informing everyone at the end that he’s been diagnosed with Hep C, and probably doesn’t have long to live. Conspiracy theories abound throughout centered around McMahon. I listened to the entire 2 1/2 hour audio file. Amusing.
Anyone else who cares to listen to this shoot interview can download the 72MB .mp3 file at the following link…