Email From Ann Francke-12-21-09

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Emails
In response to my new web page "Journal of a Murder," I received the following email from Ann Francke.
Dear Rob,

The Steve Jackson piece, "Journal of a Murder," is great, although I have no recollection of any "high ranking FBI official" contacting me.
"May 18 – A high-ranking FBI official in Washington, D.C., writes to Francke’s sister, Ann, and tells her that the bureau is looking into possible corruption within the Oregon prison system and any link to her brother’s death. Portland FBI officials later deny any such investigation took place."
I would have thought that would have played a prominent part in forwarding the investigation, and would have triggered further follow-up contact, which doesn’t seem to be the case. Can Steve Jackson help out on this? I did write my Kansas senators, Bob Dole, and Nancy Landon-Kassebaum. My recollection is that Dole was sympathetic but indifferent, and that Senator Kassebaum was more interested. Was the FBI letter in response to contact from Senator Kassebaum? She very well might have forwarded my letter to the FBI but I cannot recollect any FBI letter in response.

At the reception after Mike’s funeral, which was, as I recall, at Mike’s former brother-in-law Austen Basham’s home (wife Judy is sister to Mike’s ex-, Cassandra "Sandi" Encinias Francke), Governor Goldschmidt was treated most graciously and was probably feeling like he was among friends. I had already contacted Roy Master’s office in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, having heard Masters recount corruption stories from Oregon in his radio show, and had been informed by office staff that their opinion was it was an inside job as there was systemic corruption in high places.

They told me about one case involving "Mountain Man" and some biker gang and the DEA running drugs. I consequently wasn’t feeling amicable towards Goldschmidt, and was in a pretty grim frame of mind. Anyway, as Goldschmidt was preparing to leave, I approached him alone and respectfully asked him to initiate an FBI investigation into Mike’s murder as there were a lot of allegations of state and interstate corruption. That relaxed look left his face and he seemed nervous but composed himself, and said he would not call in the FBI as he was confident the state had the investigation under control.

Some time later, I called the FBI in Oregon, probably the Salem office, and spoke with an FBI agent. I told the agent I was Mike Francke’s sister, and was requesting that the FBI look into, not Mike’s murder, but all the attendant allegations of corruption. I believed there were too many impediments to getting Mike’s case investigated, including Goldschmidt’s refusal. The agent was terse, emphatic and almost robotic, in saying,

"There is no FBI investigation into the Michael Francke murder."
I again stated I wished them to ignore Mike’s murder for the time being, and just concentrate on corruption charges. He again repeated himself. I was a little vexed and explained I was not asking that Mike’s murder be investigated, I only wanted them to look into the drugs and graft and other allegations. The agent repeated himself again, and we concluded the conversation as civilly as possible.

I was really annoyed and then some time later realized this agent may have been trying to do me a favor in dismissing my concerns as he did, given the potential for danger as his boss, Charles Turner, chained these watchdogs, apparently acting in collusion with the cabal of crooks.

A short time after this phone contact with the FBI agent, I got a call from my brother Kevin, who chided me for interfering with the FBI investigation. Later I found out that Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Turner quashed the FBI investigation after their 30-day probe was over, and rejected the FBI request for permission to continue.
There was no FBI investigation into Mike Francke’s murder beyond the 30-day look-see, and I would hope that Kevin could explain under what circumstances the FBI contacted him, as I was led to believe, to have him tell me to back away from my request, and what cooperation or consideration they gave in return.

This is my recollection and I hope you can clarify this with Steve Jackson, who did a great job. Blessings.
Ann Gerard Francke

Yeah, I’d kinda like to hear an explanation from Kevin as well. I’m also curious why Kevin felt the need to hustle his parents out of money for Jeanne Schwartz. Betcha I know why.

  1. shylox3 says:

    Ann I would personally like to thank you for putting your brother Michael front and center where he belongs. I know a few people mentioned in this case (mainly from my teenage days, 30 years ago ouch! haha ) I can’t make a complete judgement because I have never met Kevin. Sometimes I wish I could sit down and have a beer with him, just to give him a neutral person to bounce things off of. I just wish to salute you for writing this, not letting Kevin make your decisions for you, and for your will to put Michael first. I think I can speak for thousands of Oregonians, that Michael was a hero to so many. I know I use this line a lot, but Michael was a sitting duck who came to Oregon to make our State a safer place for all of us. He did his job so well that it got him killed. My heart goes out to you for your loss. Obviously I don’t know the closeness of the relationship that you had with Michael, Kevin and Patrick, but it seems that something changed with Kevin after some time. I Honestly believe that when he first arrived in Oregon that he was a man on a mission to find out everything that happened, including exposing all the corruption. I’m not sure what changed. It is so refreshing to see that you took the time to write this letter. I have no doubts that you are working on this case to this day, and that you need to see justice for Michael. I’m just so pleased to see you post here on Robs forum. I hope it will show others that Michael has a sister who still needs answers and closure. I have never met Rob, but with all the reading over the entire internet, I feel very comfortable in saying that no one has put their heart and soul into a case for 2 men that he had never met prior to this horrible crime than Rob has. With as many people as are involved in this case, we can’t expect everyone to get along or agree on everything, but I do believe a little pat on the back or "good job" may seem so small, but it can also mean so much, and maybe those words come just at the time that they needed to hear them the most and give them that extra push to keep them fighting for what they believe in.Please Take Care of Yourself, and I wish you the BestTammy

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