The fMRI Fiasco

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Francke Case
Once upon a time Frank wrote to tell me he was waiting to hear back from Kevin Francke on the cost of having himself and other witnesses tested using a new lie detector technology…the fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging).
Knowing how Kevin is prone to put off till tomorrow what he can do today, I immediately placed a call to the President of the Cephos Corporation who are one of two companies who perform the test. After personally speaking with Dr. Steven Laken about Frank’s case, I was assured that Cephos would perform testing on any and all witnesses in Frank’s case for free. Dr. Laken had never heard from Kevin Francke. Most likely because Kevin had talked himself out of the usefullness of such a procedure. Observe Kevin’s email response to me accusing him of such…
I am not talking myself out of the MRI poly.  I am giving you and Frank a wake-up that this may not happen because it is not proven to be 100%.  Early dna testing, back in 1989, was not allowed in many courts, including Oregon, because it was only 1 in 500,000 up to 1,000,000.  U.S. was way behind the curve on dna.  Regardless, if he wants to subject the prior witnesses who recanted, it’s gonna’ be a load getting Walker, Shorty et al in the tube to do it.  Reality check here.  Hello?
You make the call, I did.
So, we jump ahead to February of 2009 when Frank’s fed appeals lawyer, Nell Brown, flies to my home in Des Moines, Iowa for a visit. Ok, so Shorty Harden was visiting me then as well and we all discussed having Shorty take the fMRI test.
Apparently Nell Brown didn’t view the test the way Kevin did, and was interested in having Shorty tested. However, Ms. Brown and her investigator, Wendy Kunkel, flew back to Portland and Shorty and I never heard back from either.
Jump ahead to late November of 2009 and Shorty calls me to ask if Frank’s lawyer still wants him to take the test. Shorty explains that he’s homeless and living in a Portland shelter with his daughter who will be turning 18 in a couple of weeks at which point him and his daughter will have to leave the shelter. The shelter was working toward securing permanent housing for Shorty as well as classes to get him certified as a welder. That didn’t happen and Shorty and his daughter ended up having to leave the shelter.
I notified Nell Brown of Shorty’s desire to be tested and of his homeless situation and put her in contact with Shorty. Ms. Brown then notified me that she had talked with Shorty and that preparations would be made to fly Shorty to Massachussettes for testing, but that everything would have to be postponed as she was preparing to fly to Egypt on a two week vacation. Once she returned she would submit a request to her supervisor for federal funds to pay for the flight to Massachussettes and any other related expenses.
Upon her return I had Shorty contact her again to explain he had to leave the shelter and had no place to go. She scheduled a lunch meeting with him, but broke it saying she was busy with other matters.
Now we arrive at January where late last week I get an email from Nell and her investigator Wendy asking if I can once again put them in contact with Shorty as they have completed their preparations and have the testing scheduled for this week. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but maybe they should’ve taken the necessary steps to insure their witness would be available before they jumped all the hoops they did in making preparations rather than depend on me to do it from halfway across the country. Not to mention I’m the guy they asked to back off from the witnesses last February.
Oh, and Frank’s response regarding my personal expenses incurred last year to avail Shorty to his lawyer was "you should’ve donated those nickels to the homeless."
I guess they can ask the homeless where Shorty is. Just look for the ones who are spending lots of nickels.
  1. shylox3 says:

    Unfuckingreal! You have no idea how many times I read this just shaking my head at the amount of time wasted. I can see them flying to your home to see how Shorty may be. Jump ahead 9 NINE months???? Even then it is Shorty who inquires about it, and you who calls to ask them. Why is it your job to keep track of Shorty? Why is it Shortys job to continue to ask if they want this test done? Can you say no common sense when it comes to scheduling the test Before they even know where Shorty is? Then again, they are used to you doing their jobs for them. I’m sure when they scheduled it, they just thought we’ll shoot an email off to Rob and have him tell Shorty where to be and when. What a joke! Wow it must be nice to have such a high paying job and never have to do anything except send an email and have someone else do all the work for you. So each time that another 9 months goes by, it is adding 9 months to Franks prison time. How many extra years do you think Frank will serve strictly because of situations just like this? Oh and Frank, you’re an idiot. should have donated those nickles to the homeless? You ungrateful fool. I totally understand that money is necessary in prison. I totally understand that you need your sister to continue to fund your books. However I do not understand how you can cut all ties with Rob because your sister said choose, it’s him or it’s me. That’s basically what it was right? I don’t understand how your sister can ask you to do that. I don’t care how much I don’t like someone, they can talk about me all they want if they are working their ass off to get my brother out of prison. I don’t need to keep my pride, I would prefer my brother be home. Your sister does not have to like Rob, she doesn’t have to support him, but every time he writes something he is bringing attention to your case. One day one person may read something and be just what YOU and your sister have been waiting for. They may be the one who can get you out. Do you not realize that Rob is the Only one out here who is keeping your case in the public eye???????? Were you and your sister aware that Rob is doing YOUR lawyers jobs for them? You both need to think again on what’s really going on out here in the real world. I guess it really doesn’t matter what you and your sister do in the long run does it? The reason that this case needs to be seen all the way to the end is for justice for the real man, and that is Michael Franke.

  2. Ex-Salem says:

    I agree. Un-fucking-real!! All I could do is laugh at the crap!Things are harder when someone is homeless though and even though the lawyer was on vacation, Shorty should have been given instructions to check-in and leave contact information every week or as it changes.I bet if I went to Portland and asked where I could get a nickel-bag, I would find Shorty. LOL sorry, bad joke

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