Journal of a Murder Entry – January 16, 1989

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Francke Case
Tim Natividad shows up at Melody Garcia’s house high on methamphetamines. According to Melody Garcia, “he was…babbling about shooting it out with some Mexicans…he said his people would get even with Michael Francke.”

Was it really the 16th that Natividad showed up at Melody Garcia’s house or the 17th, the night of Francke’s murder?

Read "Thanks, but no thanks-Says the Oregon State Police and Frank’s attorney-Bob Abel."

  1. Ex-Salem says:

    I thought Tim did it back then and I still do. Especially when you’ve got information that should at least, cause you to question the States"Natividad stopped by Melody’s house with someone else in tow. Nothing strange about that, except he usually left the other person or persons in his car. This time he brought the guy inside with him. The guy didn’t say anything. He just stood there, while Tim went on about his business. What struck Melody as odd was that this guy was definitely not the type to be hanging around Tim. He was straight looking, a businessman type. His hair was short, and he was much cleaner than the people Tim hung around. She didn’t think much of it at all, until several months later when she saw a newspaper article with a picture of Scott McAlister splashed across the front page. “Former Asst. Attorney General Arrested for Kiddie-Porn”. She immediately recognized him as the guy who had come to her house with Natividad. She’s convinced they were the same person."Heck, I think they were/are all corrupt and they are all covering for one another. If Tim really did do it, someone is holding the truth over their heads, to keep it all quiet.

  2. Ex-Salem says:

    oh, and the fact that Bob Abel ignored all this information leads me to believe that him and Judge West were in on the PPP (prostitution, pedophile, pornography) ring.

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