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Eyes on the Oregon State Prison: Voicing Concern for an Inmate’s Life – Salem-News.Com

The latest in the series of articles by on corruption in the state prison. An amusing comment was posted yesterday on this article in the form of a poem. Anyone wanna take a guess who the poster is? LOL!

The poem is very good. Good enough to publish on the home page of the website in fact.

On Asylum Avenue the Dome building stood,
where it had near a century, through both bad and good.
Beside the locked door, beneath a portico hood,
Francke’s body lay waiting in the cold winter night,
for someone to wander within his death’s sight.

Missing since seven, it took hours to find him.
A night-watchman squinted ‘neath lights that were dim,
at a man sprawled on his back, yet tall and trim.
Blood on the wall, the door glass was broken,
he looked at the scene, and knew death had spoken.

The murder was left an unfinished lyric,
of twisted truth and horrors terrific,
yet no shred of evidence, nothing specific.
Soon badges with sirens deafened death’s sound,
and trampled the scene and truth in the ground.

After his murder, upstairs a shredder was humming,
“Seventeen bags and six more a’ coming”
When they reopened the building,
Freddie thought, carrying them out,
“More bags than ever, beyond a doubt”.

Francke’s family was called, they told what they knew.
He’d confided he was watching, more than a few.
Corruption was rampant, he’d planned something to do.
As he watched over Prisons and counted the heads,
The Governor kept calling, “Now, we need beds!”

No one would listen that his staff had been stealing.
He practiced his shooting and held back the feeling,
that he might not be safe with the cards they were dealing.
Day tried to expose them, and he suddenly died,
and Thompson would later, when he finally tried.

Diablo told Angie, I stabbed Francke at dark.
Crouse would confess, and say, ”The answer’s at “Park”.
Then Jodie would say on a lark,
“My dead boyfriend did it” “I know more than you”
Then Keerins and Harden came for reward money, too.

Prosecutors suborned, and worked it just right,
with lie-detector practices into the night.
Then, right on cue each bird took flight,
swirling, twitting, “Perjury Procured”.
The lawyers smiled, conviction secured.

In the room at the Courthouse, they lined up their story.
For Jodie and Harden, even a Mock grand jury.
When the real one convened and they lied, no worry.
Remember? Immunity means it’s alright,
to make snitches from felons till they get it just right .

Gable’s feathers clipped and placed in a cage,
a patsy was framed, and rightly outraged.
A jury wouldn’t know that the trial was staged,
as the parakeet snitches, some caged up too,
prepared their song, to all sing in tune.

Francke’s briefcase is missing, Barger would spar.
The answer lies in “Why, it wasn’t found in his car.
“But, it wasn’t corruption!”, the D.A. argued at Bar.
“Twas a drug-addict, surprised, that wielded the knife,
and Francke, though bigger, just lost his life.”

“Jodie stays in jail! No recant in my Court!”
Again before trial, “No-third party retort!”,
and, “NO to Natividad’s autopsy report!”
In West’s court, motions in limine work really well.
An innocent convicted, well what the hell?




Neighbors lose patience with vacant SE Salem house | | Statesman Journal

Neighbors on a quiet, tree-lined street in southeast Salem say they’ve had enough of a two-story house on their block that has sat vacant for years.

"It’s very, very frustrating to have to live with that eyesore," said John Bickers, who lives across the street from the derelict house. "We’ve had incredible patience, but we don’t see anything being done about it. I want to see it gone."

The city has for months been considering whether to demolish the dilapidated house at 521 18th St. SE, taking the matter before the city council numerous times.

The residential structure was built in 1915 and has had various owners.

City documents show that Kevin Franke purchased the dwelling in August 2000.

Five years later, a fire at the house caused extensive structural damage, prompting the city to declare it a "dangerous" building.

"The owner of the home washed his hands of the house," said Brady Rogers, the city’s compliance services administrator. "He assumed it was in foreclosure."

The house has sat abandoned since then, mired in a battle between Franke and his insurance company and the mortgage lender, which decided to foreclose.

After sending out notices to the homeowner and neighbors about the plan to demolish the home, city officials took the matter before the council in April as part of a public hearing.

Franke attended the meeting and told the council that he had recently learned he was still the home’s owner. He said he was in negotiations to sell the property.

The couple buying the home, Keith and Sally Springstead, told the council they planned to remodel and live in the home, and they asked for an additional 90 days to begin rehabilitating the house.


I’m surprised to hear Kevin is still waging a battle with the insurance company five years later and that he didn’t even know he was still the owner. Strange, I’d know if I owned a piece of property. Funny, but this whole scenario reminds me of the A-Shed fire. LOL! Maybe Kevin has his reasons for not pursuing his claim more viligantly. Hmmm. Sometimes best to leave well enough alone, ya know? Anyway, par for the course with Kevin…he’s not too good at finishing things he starts.