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The state’s responding brief to the resentencing argument which has lingered for over five years is due next week on Sept. 2, 2010.
After that, Frank’s attorney will most likely ask permission to file a reply brief.  If that permission is granted, that will consume about another month.  After that, the case is set for oral argument, which takes another two or three months.  Then, the case is taken under advisement by the court.  A quick decision, which would most likely only be one affirming the trial court’s rejection of Frank’s claims is not what Frank’s lawyer is hoping for. He’s trying to win a reversal here.  Decisions reversing the trial court are usually not issued for three to six months after argument.  So, we’re still looking at nearly another year before a possible favorable decision from the Court of Appeals and if it’s a reversal we’re looking at another year or more to assemble a new jury for the resentencing.
All this time spent over the possibility of parole directly to a federal prison for another conviction Frank has which runs consecutive to his state charges. As I’ve said before, this is holding up his appeal from officially reaching the fed level.

20/20 did a story last night on the Happy Face Killer. Funny how the media gave Phil Stanford credit for freeing two wrongfully convicted people and helping to solve the Happy Face Killer murders. They were wrongfully convicted cuz one wrongfully confessed to set up her old man and Jessperson confessed cuz he wanted attention and didn’t like someone else getting attention for what he did. Still trying to wrap my head around what Phil actually did other than simply write about the case.

Daughter of a Serial Killer Tells All: ‘The Happy Face Killer’ – ABC News