Pat and Kris Keerins accused of selling heroin | | Statesman Journal

Posted: September 26, 2010 in News Articles

Patrick and Kris Keerins, two individuals who may have played a role in the Francke murder, have been arrested in Salem, OR. for dealing heroin. Hmmm…I wonder if I wrote them if they would write back. I wonder if they’d write back to Shorty. Only one way to find out, right?

       Kris Keerins               Patrick Keerins

Suspects accused of selling heroin | | Statesman Journal

Recap on the Keerins family…

Feb. 7, 1989 – Kris Sean Keerins, 26, is not a suspect, police say, but may have witnessed the killing while out on another pass Jan. 17. Keerins was serving a sentence for burglary, forgery, theft and drug offenses.

He is the brother of Michael Keerins, who in September 1989 will become a prosecution witness in the Gable trial.

Kris Keerins is seen with Buck Burgess at a Salem restaurant.

Feb. 8, 1989 – Burgess, who has convictions for burglary, drug trafficking and involuntary manslaughter, is questioned by state police about the Francke case.

According to a police report, Burgess’ truck was seen on state hospital grounds where a knife was found.

A lie-detector test, which is not admissible in court because of the questionable reliability of such tests, indicates that Burgess was not involved in killing Francke.

However, he tells police that he thinks that the Keerins brothers were capable of having someone killed. But he says he has no first-hand knowledge to support his suspicions.

Feb. 14, 1989 – John Crouse tells his parole officer that he was near the Dome Building when Francke was killed. The parole officer tells the Salem Police Department that Crouse observed Francke being killed by five

Hispanic men.

Penn says investigators are getting closer to identifying someone. He declines to say what has changed in the investigation.

Feb. 15, 1989 – State police interview Crouse. He alternately says that he saw several Hispanic men kill Francke; he lied about the Hispanic men to get himself off the hook; he believes that someone from New Mexico

ordered the killing; and that he didn’t kill Francke.

Feb. 16, 1989 – Crouse takes a lie-detector test that indicates that he did not kill Francke, according to the

examiner, although the results of the test later become a point of contention between the state police and FBI.

Crouse soon stops reporting to his parole officer and a nationwide warrant is put out for his arrest. According to the warrant, he is wanted as a possible suspect in the Francke murder.

Feb. 20, 1989 – Police capture Kris Keerins. Penn emphasizes that the escaper is not a suspect, simply a potential witness.

Feb. 22 – A police interview with Kris Keerins adds no new information about the case, Penn says.

Early March 1989 – Gable approaches Mike Keerins and asks him what his brother Kris had been telling the police about the night of Jan. 17, according to Mike Keerins in an interview he gives the Statesman Journal in

February 1990.

May 5, 1989 – Crouse tells fellow penitentiary inmate Leonard Ortega that he killed Francke and that Burgess and Kris Keerins were present.

Aug. 13, 1989 – Michael Keerins writes to Frances Jones, who moved to Idaho to be near him. He writes:

■ "Why do you want to know about Michael Francke? Curiosity killed the cat, you know."

■ "Before you get told, you will have to swear it’s forever cause you can never leave me knowing,”


Aug. 20, 1989 – Frances Jones tells police detectives that she lied in February 1989 when she told them that Mike and Kris Keerins were at her house at 7 p.m. on the night Francke was killed. She says they didn’t arrive

at her house until 8:30p.m.

Aug. 24, 1989 – Michael Keerins telephones Frances Jones from the Idaho prison and asks her to place a three-way call to his mother.

Jones reportedly heard Keerins say, "He deserved what he got from them because he found out things that were going on inside and who was involved in it."

Sept. 1, 1989 – Frances Jones tells police that she believes that Kris and Michael Keerins were involved in Francke’s murder. She contends that Mike Keerins told her that Francke deserved what he got because he

found out that the Keerins’ brothers were sources of drug trafficking.

Sept. 19, 1989 – Oregon State Police interview Mike Keerins at the Idaho penitentiary. Keerins says that Gable told him while in the Marion County jail that he had killed Francke.

Keerins says that Gable told him, “I was getting ready to get into his car. A guy came from around the building.

The guy ran back toward the building to call the cops. I chased him. The guy grabbed at me…I had to stick him.”

Sept. 21 – Frances Jones, the girlfriend who followed Michael Keerins to Idaho, tells the Statesman Journal that she overheard Gable talking about Francke’s murder when she listened to his June 1989 telephone conversation.

But she still contends that she is suspicious about the involvement of Michael and Kris Keerins.

Sept. 26, 1989 – District Attorney Penn, Oregon Corrections Director Pearce and the director of the Idaho Corrections Department enter an agreement to transfer Michael Keerins to Oregon in exchange for Keerins testifying about Gable’s involvement in the Francke killing.

Oct. 10, 1989 – An Oregon State Penitentiary corrections officer is told by Pat and Kris Keerins that their brother, Michael, is lying about his knowledge of the Francke murder.

Oct. 15, 1989 – Mike Keerins writes to his brothers Pat, Kris and Kim in the penitentiary. He tells them that Gable "ratted" on more than 30 people while working for the Keizer police, and Gable told him that he had killed


"Now the rat knows what it’s like to be ratted on," Mike Keerins wrote.

Feb. 25, 1990 – Michael Keerins tells the Statesman Journal that Gable told him that he killed Francke during a car burglary but didn’t say if anyone else was involved.

Keerins said Gable was an enforcer — someone who collects on drug debts — for a major drug dealer while at the farm annex in 1985.

Natividad could not have stabbed Francke, said Keerins, who described Natividad as his drug-dealing partner. He said that Natividad was at a party at Buck Burgess’ house at the time of the murder.

After the story was published, Pat Keerins called the Statesman Journal and said his brother, Michael, told him that he was lying about Gable and was just trying to collect a reward.



  1. Candy Harper says:

    Wow.. I have sent you an e-mail and asked you to talk to Kris and I both… You have not replyed to any request……..

    Hmmm…I wonder if I wrote them if they would write back?

    So e-mail me lets have coffee and lets talk…..

  2. ex-Salem says:

    This does not surprise me….once an idiot, always an idiot.

    But now the pictures creep me out because they look like people I saw in my “neighborhood” about a month ago. But then again, I could be mistaken.

    • Maybe once a junkie, always a junkie, but that’s a medical or mental health issue, and if the junkie wants to quit they can probably benefit from treatment.

      I don’t agree with once and idiot, always an idiot. Many of us were idiots once who chose that lifestyle but changed, and are no longer idiots.

      • ex-Salem says:

        oh and btw, Congratulations on staying clean. For what it’s worth; I know you’ve had your moments, but I am glad you are doing your best!

    • Candy Harper says:

      ex-Salem??? Who are you really? and why would you have to leave Salem? Why do you hide who you are in your comments? It’s sad you can’t stand up when you say your thoughts. When a person won’t give up there name it usuly means there lieing about what they are saying.

  3. ex-Salem says:

    Sorry if you feel that way, but I will continue to stay anonymous.
    For fear from my ex husband, his group and some of the people, i think, are involved in the case.
    Yeah, I know, sometimes I say too much.

    I would hope that Rob would be able to substantiate some of the things that I have said and have talked about in the past.

    Bottom line, believe me or not, I don’t care. I am just giving my two cents.

    And OK, I stand corrected. People can change. But there is a certain type that won’t and you know, it is really sad.

    • Candy Harper says:

      Thanks, you are right, but I think some people don’t want to change or they don’t know there really is a different way to live. All these years and Kris never got the chance to feel what it’s like to live a different way. Until now, and also now he knows what you can lose from one relapse. Kris’s consequences are much larger then others and he’s had to learn that even though people are your family, they still might not be a good choice to hang out with. Being in recovery is not enough to save a person from guilty by association. Can’t toss the baby out with the bath water..


    The Keerins family played a part in that. We’ve all heard what the media and the Franckes have said about them, and we’ve read the police reports. I’d like to hear their side.

    Are you planning to address the questions I sent you in an email?

  5. ex-Salem says:

    One of the Laws that I don’t agree with is basically “guilt by association”.
    I know that just because you are with someone or live with someone it does not mean that you are responsible for the drugs in their possession. Even if you know about them.
    You can plead the 5th for testifying against your husband. But you are supposed to turn him in for drug possession and if you don’t you are just as guilty. To me that contradicts it’s self.

    And unfortunately this economy is causing more and more people to cross that thin grey line that separates right from wrong.

  6. an ex of a mike k. says:

    Well I sure would n t believe frances !!!! some just don t know how to change their way of life.

  7. Michael keerins says:

    who has the munchies…..?

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