Hell Week for the Keerins Brothers Concludes

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Francke Case

Been a week now since Pat and Kris Keerins got busted for selling heroin. The most difficult part of their withdrawal period should’ve passed by now.This bust was their “Courtesy Call.”





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  1. Candy Harper says:

    You are so wrong. Pat is detoxing from the Methodon treatment meds he was on. Kris has been clean for 2 years now. He has completed the new program at Chemeketta Community College called the SOAR program. He recived the award of Most Insperional student. An awared given by the insturctors and his peers. What ever happened to Inocent until proven guilty???
    Thats right you only print dirty laundry about people. I guess you and your readers like to read about other peoples charter defects. Maybe makes youi feel better about yourself. Just because you have never been arestered or caught does not make you better. Kris has done alot of change in the past 5 years, but you don’t print anything like that on this site.

  2. Candy Harper says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    This so goes with your page..

  3. If what you say is true Candy then I’m only half wrong, and detoxing from methadone is worse than kicking the junk, right?

    What I print is mostly what others have written about the various people in this case aside from my personal experiences with some which afford me the opportunity to share my own personal feelings and observations relating to those individuals.

    I am seeking truth. If you can help me with that I welcome your contribution.

    My reasons for moderating this forum and approving comments before they are published is to prevent spam posts generally consisting of women who want to show everyone their titties. This way I can review them first and decide if they’re worth sharing with everyone else. The titties I mean.

  4. Candy Harper says:

    Sorry to sound like a victum! Change is not easy, and people can be mean. I’m all for takinf accountabilty for our actions. Some people think that what the say does not hurt people. They say they are just words but it’s not true! Things people write cuts deep!

  5. mike s ex wife says:

    they have always printed the bad things about the keerins brothers,its is sad, they are guilty in every ones eyes what did happen to innocent till proven guilty?i heard awhile back kris was clean .

    • mike s ex wife says:

      I believe kris has done a lot of changing from what I hear ,but mike that s a story all in it self,any thing to make a dollar as they say ,im not saying the keerin s arent dangerous if need be,they probably know what has happen ,I know mike will point the finger at likes the attention it bring him,sorry im trying not to say to much.I just hate to see mike in the middle of this ,I agree with pat k.

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