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Here’s the link to Phil’s new book at Powells. Stop by and leave a comment. I did. LOL! Besides me and his son there are only two other comments. Let’s show some support and say what’s on our minds, shall we?

The Peyton-Allan Files by Phil Stanford – Powell’s Books


I guess Phil needs to make a living like everyone else, but why write a book on the Peyton/Allan murders? A case that’s fifty years old, the alleged wrongfully convicted have since been released, and the guy Phil thinks did it is locked up for most likely the rest of his life in another state. This coming from a man who bills himself on his website as being best known for his work on the Francke case. Why not write about the Francke murder and the wrongful conviction of Frank Gable? I would think there would be much more interest in that case, and it could help to free an innocent man who has been locked up for over twenty years.

I for one, have no interest whatsoever in the Peyton/Allan murders, and according to Phil, neither does local law enforcement as far as taking another look at the case. So what’s accomplished other than making a few bucks? There was a time when I felt Phil was about much more than that.

I will however be interested in reading Phil’s next book, “Rose City Vice.” Having an Uncle who was a Captain on the Portland Police force during the 70’s should help to make it interesting. Click the link to check out video of Phil promoting his book.

Phil Stanford opens The Peyton-Allan Files | | Portland News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | Live @ 7

Just in time for the holidays…Phil inks a book on the Peyton-Allan murders and starts his own publishing company to distribute it along with his other book "Portland Confidential." Local bookstore appearances are slated over the next few days and Phil is interacting with fans on his new facebook page.

Phil Stanford – The Peyton-Allan Files – ptownbooks

Books by Steve Jackson

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Books
I’ve added eight books written by Steve Jackson over the past decade to my book list on this site. Most can be purchased for under $10 at and the links from the list will take you directly to the page on Amazon’s website to make your purchase. Happy reading!
Here’s a direct link to my book list…


About the book from publisher HarperCollins webpage:

Not Lost Forever by true crime vet Steve Jackson and Carmina Salcido is Salcido’s remarkable story of survival and healing following the 1989 murderous rampage by her father, Mexican immigrant Ramon Salcido in the wine country of Sonoma Valley, California. Left for dead at three years old—her throat brutally slashed—Carmina miraculously survived what is widely considered one of California’s most notorious crimes: the unthinkable attack that savagely destroyed seven innocent lives, including her entire family. At once a harrowing true crime story and the inspirational first-person account of a young girl’s strength, heart, and determination in the nightmare’s aftermath, Not Lost Forever is a shocking and profoundly moving tale of perseverance and hope, and of a precious life regained.

Twenty years ago, one man’s murderous rampage destroyed his own family . . . and devastated a community. Now the only survivor—his daughter—tells her story at last.

On April 14, 1989, for reasons still debated today, Mexican immigrant Ramón Salcido went on a violent rampage in the idyllic Sonoma Valley wine country where he lived and worked. In the course of just two hours, he killed his wife, Angela, her two younger sisters, his mother-in-law, and the man with whom he suspected Angela was having an affair. He then slashed the throats of his three young daughters—four-year-old Sophia, three-year-old Carmina, and twenty-two-month-old Teresa—leaving them for dead in the county dump. A little more than a day later, the bodies of his daughters were discovered. Miraculously, tiny Carmina was still alive and able to tell her rescuers, "My daddy cut me."

In Not Lost Forever, Carmina Salcido explores the events surrounding these headline-making murders with extraordinary clarity and composure. Reaching back to understand the events that traumatized her in childhood—and weaving them together with the recollections of detectives and witnesses—she reconstructs the story of her father’s crimes, and their aftermath, in sobering detail.

Yet Carmina’s story doesn’t end there. Those who remember her as the tiny victim of these murders will also be shocked by what followed: how she was adopted by a Catholic extremist family who tried to change her name and bury her past; how she tried to escape their sheltering influence by joining a Carmelite convent and then a ranch for troubled girls; and how the psychological trials she endured along the way nearly broke her spirit—until, at last, she found peace by turning to the one relative still alive to share her grief: her grandfather.

As a young woman, Carmina returned to California to share her experiences and discover the family that was brutally taken from her. The devout Catholic also returned to look into her father’s eyes on death row and confront the man who took away her entire family. With clear-eyed candor, courage, and grace, this brave young woman takes readers along on her miraculous journey of survival, discovery, and hope.

Oct. 16 ABC’s 20/20 will do an hour-long broadcast featuring Steve Jackson’s co-author Carmina Salcido, the heroine of the book, and of course the tome itself…they hope.

The book debuts in bookstores on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2009.

Not Lost Forever: My Story of Survival by Carmina Salcido, Steve Jackson

True crime story enthusiasts who happen upon this website may find this book an interesting read, as well as regular visitors.
On the morning of August 29th 1974, an employee of Columbia Bookkeeping Service in Portland Oregon arrived at work and made a gruesome discovery: Her boss, Jim Turel, dead in a pool of drying blood. The list of possible suspects included employees, a shady client, the deceased estranged second wife or, possibly, one of his four children. His son, Stan Turel, decided to write this book about his 14- year ordeal seeking justice for his father and then wrangling with the litigious killer who murdered his dad.
Part of this story ended up on a special CBS 60 minutes segment in 1984. This true crime story, Plague of Justice, written by the murder victim’s son, includes money, murder, arson, romance and security fraud. The seven month investigation including the efforts of the murder victims son leads to the arrest and conviction of 3 individuals. The son was supposed to depend on his fathers CPA to run his dad’s successful accounting practice, if his crippled father ever died. There were numerous suspects at the beginning. The greed and manipulation of others, by the diagnosed psycho mastermind eventually lead to the contract killing of the victim.
The 60 Minutes segment which aired in 1984 is offered on YouTube and runs 16 minutes in length. It pertains to the frivilous lawsuit filed against the murder victim’s son for $5 million by the convicted murderer Rodrick R. Addicks, as well as a number of other frivilous lawsuits filed by other Oregon inmates. These lawsuits force district attorneys, detectives, and other government officials to defend themselves, all at taxpayer’s expense.
Site visitors will be amused to see none other than former Asst. Attorney General Scott McAlister interviewed extensively in the video, as well as a short interview from former Multnomah County DA Harl Haas.


by Jonathan G. Rundy



This book was written in an effort to expose corruption in the government and to free an innocent man. Francke was the head of the Prison system. He discovered a ring which was stealing millions of dollars annually. He was set to testify before the legislature. He was murdered on the eve of that event. And the top people in government were in on the conspiracy to convict Frank Gable. Now, more than sixteen years later, Jonathan Rundy enlists his extreme intellect to solve this case. And his solution is shocking! This is a must read for all sleuths. How can the government become so evil? Truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction!

1 Apr 2007

by karie
I enjoyed your book and believe you are a very talented man with more insight than most. Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not care until it affects them personally, or they can make a buck off of it.
Case not solved!

17 Mar 2006

by L G
I feel your interpretation of the fact’s make this a work of fiction and not at all a very good read!
Re: Case not solved!

13 Apr 2006

by L G
Even though I found this book less fact and more fiction, I encourage you to purchased it since Mr.Rundy has graciously agreed to give all proceeds of this book to the man wrongfully convicted of the crime, Frank Gable.
Michael Francke murder solved [ No Rating ] 20 Jan 2006
I have not read the book, may do so though just for fun. I have never heard of this fellow, don’t know what his area of expertise is or where he is coming from; but I do know that Mike was scheduled to "testify" before a budget committee the morning after his murder. He was working on his bi-annual budget presentation, not testifying about a corruption investigation. I would invite any interested parties, including the author, to visit the web site- get an accurate view of the case. Mike was my younger brother.

E Pat Francke

Re: Michael Francke murder solved [ No Rating ] 11 Feb 2006 (updated 11 Feb 2006)

First of all, thank you Patrick. Second, I agree…people should go to the website. Rob is doing a pretty fair job with it and has been most helpful insupplying clues. Now: I do not claim any field of expertise…unless you consider a life-long experience with the local thugs (I refer to the people in power) as a field of expertise. As for the question of where I am coming from…I am attacking, as always, government corruption and, more importantly, trying to get an innocent man out of prison.
Frank Gable, the man who was framed for this murder, is no more guilty of having killed Michael Francke than the newly elected Pope is.
I have never been one to just sit around and wait for others to do something. This book, as badly misinformed as it appears to be, is my feeble attempt to right a lot of wrongs by bringing them to the attention of the public.
There is no argument, whatsoever, that the local politicians were stealing, and continue to steal, millions of dollars from the public. Michael was in charge of auditing the books. He had to know that millions of dollars were being skimmed through phony construction scams, phony prison enterprises, lobbying, consultation schemes, etc., etc., etc.
Perhaps the greatest irony in all of this is simply that the only person who admits to being at the scene of the crime, at the very instant that it happened, was paid to say it. The irony…he may have been paid to commit the crime!
Irregardless, one fact drives me up the wall. Frank Gable is innocent of the murder. There is not one shred of evidence against him. So why is this man in prison?
Let’s all ask current Oregon Governor, Ted Kulongoski. He was, after all, one of the people who conspired to convict Frank in the first place. And let us also ask ex-D.A., Dale Penn. Penn is now in charge of all the illegal gambling in the State of Oregon. Must be nice to have mob ties. But then, this is just my opinion…or is it?
end of comments…
What a pathetic, pompous piece of crap Patrick Francke is, and I don’t base that opinion solely on Patrick’s comment that he "may read Rundy’s book just for fun." I base it on my own personal experiences with the fool over the past four years. Sure, he was inviting interested parties to my site for a more accurate view of the case, but that was when the Francke brothers thought they were immune to any objective criticism concerning their involvement in the case. Objective criticism I might add that their own actions brought on themselves. 
Patrick Francke is a fraud, and I have found no evidence to substantiate the following claim he made on the "Unsolved Mysteries" episode which aired 17 years ago. Patrick’s comment follows a ten second comment by Katie Francke, Kevin Francke’s now deceased ex-wife who he abandoned along with his failing business to move to Oregon and investigate his brother’s murder. Katie was left to deal with the creditors while Kevin was in Oregon striking up a relationship with the woman who killed Tim Natividad, the man Kevin and many others believe to be the person who stabbed Michael Francke.
Sounds like a "Movie of the Week" doesn’t it? It pretty much came to that in 1995 when Phil Stanford and Gil Dennis wrote the screenplay for the movie chronicling Kevin’s move to Oregon to investigate his brother’s murder. Didn’t hear a word from Stanford, the Francke’s, or practically anyone else about the Francke/Gable case for nearly a decade after. Maybe they all cashed in on the making of the movie and went on with their lives. Hard to argue considering the case went without mention for the next decade until Phil started writing about it in the wake of the Goldschmidt scandal. More rehashing of the same to fill column space.
Here’s the video of Patrick Francke from the "Unsolved Mysteries" episode…