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Has been for a couple of days now. Everything still seems to be intact.
The message forum crashed this weekend.
Here’s an explanation of the problem and the status for correcting it from the Pro Boards Support forum.
We are currently experiencing a network outage which is affecting multiple servers.

Our host, The Planet, has said that there is an "electrical problem" at their H1 data center and that emergency crews are on site.

While I don’t want to speculate because we have not received any solid information at this time, but it sounds to me like there may be a fire at that data center.

If we do not have a significant portion of these servers back online by tonight we are going to look into alternate options for getting these servers back online (e.g. purchase new servers and transfer data from our backup server).



Current Plan of Action

For background information on what has transpired today, please read this thread. The short and skinny is there was a transformer explosion outside our hosting facility which has taken offline many of our servers.

After long discussion with our host, this is our current plan of action to get all servers back online:

1) We have ordered 24 brand new servers. These are currently being setup and will be online soon.

2) Our DNS records will be updated the moment we have information to do so, so that our domains begin to work again. We expect the DNS records to take approximately 1 hour to update to point to the new servers.

3) We need to setup and configure these 24 servers. This includes installation of everything from apache, mysql, perl, mod_perl, modules, etc. This process can take some time.

4) We will be transferring the data from our backup servers to these new servers. This process will most definitely take time.

5) Once the backup data has been transferred over we will bring the servers online and you will have access to your forum.

Important things to note:

Backup Data

The backup data that is being restored to your forum is not permanent. We expect within 2-3 days (estimated) that we will have access to the full data from all our old servers.

Our plan for your data is:
1) Get your board up and running as quickly as possible from our backups.
2) Once our old servers are back online, copy all the data from them to your new forum
3) Try to minimize loss of any data due to overlapping updates to threads/members, etc, although this may not be 100% possible.

The backup data from your forum will be from late April 2008. In a few days we should have all the rest of the data from the end of April to the end of May. There is no data loss and we will get your forum’s data back to how it was to the best of our ability, but this will take up to a few days as we wait for our old servers to come back online.

Issues Affecting Some Forums

Most, but not all forums, have a full backup at this time. As such, some forums may have to live for a couple days without their full data. This may include posts, members, etc. We will work to get all of your original data pushed over as soon as our old servers back online.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will be working throughout the night to bring 24 servers online, get them configured, and restore all data that we have available to us at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my forum be back online?
A: As soon as possible. We will be working all night to get forums into an operational state from these servers. I do not have an estimate yet, but one will be posted as soon as possible.


Click here to view the latest status for servers.



Sometimes I feel like slapping myself upside the head for not thinking of something sooner. That happened this weekend, and it’s kinda funny how it came about.
I was really amused how someone had taken audio clips from the movie "Scarface," and created a video of Dick Cheney speaking at the republican convention with Tony Montana coming out of his mouth. The video is posted here in the blog in the video category.
All of a sudden it dawned on me that there was probably some useful audio I could use from the movie "Without Evidence." Originally titled "Gathering Evidence."
I spent last night teaching myself how to use some audio editing software, and got up at 4am to begin my new project. That way my girls here in the house wouldn’t rag on me for bein on the computer like they always do.
As much as I liked the song "Smiling Faces" on the homepage, the result of my new project blends much better with the homepage. You might notice some other changes as well. See if you can detect Kevin Francke’s actual voice in the bit part he had in the movie.