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A few months back Ex-Salem emailed me asking why I was posting Frank’s letters which showed him talking smack about his sister, the Franckes and Phil Stanford. There are other letters where he talks smack about others who have helped him in various ways over the years, but I haven’t posted those. Maybe soon.
The following is the email I received from ex, and my response.
From: Ex-Salem C
Sent: August 31 7:28 PM
To: Rob Taylor
Subject: RE: August 25th post

Rob, while all that is true. 
I want to know what the point is?
Sure she pissed you off, and does not appreciate you for what you are. 
But to try to cause drama or stir up more hate between them?
I don’t get it.  Sure we don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes.
Most women were born bitches, it is our privilage.  But you are going to sink to fighting about peoples relationships?
You must have received some good letters recently.
I have a car show to shove up someones ass. 
To:   Ex-Salem C
From: Rob Taylor 
Subject: RE: August 25th post
Sent: September 01 11:58 AM
Right on! I finally got put in check. Always wonder about people who never do that. I can’t be that perfect. haha! Actually I thought I would get checked for publishing Frank’s letters.
Not sure I understand some of your email though. Not trying to stir up MORE hate between Frank and his sis. Have no reason to believe any hate exists at all between them. I mean, it’s obvious from Frank’s own words that he pretty much feels the same way about her as I do, but it’s also obvious from his words that he’s very grateful to her for standing by him and putting cash on his books all these years. So essentially he has no balls to stand up to her no matter how wrong she is in order to protect that cash flow cuz he’ll be the first to admit she’ll cut him off in a heartbeat if he doesn’t do as she wants. Even if it means severing his ties with the one person who he has been able to count on for various tasks and the one person who stepped up and made a gigantic effort to put his case back in the public eye, get a witness to recant and provide an affidavit. An affidavit that cost me $1000 in travel and food expenses etc. to obtain.
Was that affidavit important? Important enough for Frank to mention several times he needs and asking me to do what I can to get it. An affidavit that his fed attorney flew halfway across the country on 24 hours notice to get. Seems important to me on those notes.
When I set up a meeting with Shorty and Nell Brown in PDX he wouldn’t give her the affidavit, but he apparently told her what she wanted to hear. Nell told Frank about the meeting and Frank wrote to tell me about it. Reiterated how important it was again. Said Nell told him Shorty was planning to take a train to Iowa. Frank said he didn’t think that was a good idea bringing that scum around my family again. Well duh! Still, I did it, cuz Frank was practically begging.  Fortunately I was successful.
When I wrote that "reflecting on 5 years of" piece and also posted the email exchange between Kevin and I to support it further, I sent copies to Frank. Frank blew his lid worried Francine was gonna get pissed and cut him off from cash. I told Frank to hold his temper if it angered him and we would discuss it. Frank had severed his ties with me two years ago when Francine flipped a bitch. We got past it when I explained true friends get mad and argue or disagree, but true friends work through it, move on, and remain true friends. He backed up then and suggested we keep our correspondence secret asking me to try to make up with Francine. He didn’t think it would work, but felt it was worth the effort. So I did. Wrote her an apology which she accepted. Six months later she attacks me in the Greg Johnson article for capping on Greg. Course we all know now that Greg and I communicate and have established a relationship of sorts. I befriended Jodie while she was in jail. Jodie gave me her myspace account info to forward her any messages. One of those messages turned out to be from Francine talking shit about me. Francine, the one who capped on me telling me the Gable family doesn’t want anyone other than lawyers contacting witnesses.
Anyway, I wrote Frank back saying calm down, check this out and lets discuss it. He wrote back with words straight outa Francines mouth. Said he read some, skimmed over some, than trashed the rest. So I wasn’t even afforded the opportunity to discuss anything. It was all about the grief Francine was causing him and he didn”t pay any attention to anything else. Didn’t matter to him. Only thing that mattered was appeasing Francine to protect the cash flow. Seemingly like that was more important than any chance at freedom even.
Frank went on to belittle the cash I had spent, asking how much do I think him and his family have spent. Crazy huh? I mean, duh they’ve spent money cuz it’s his ass on the line. I spent money and I didn’t even know the guy or anyone else in this case. Feel me? Frank ended up telling me the money I spent on getting Shorty’s affidavit I should’ve spent to feed the homeless. Felt it best to severe ties while we are still on good terms. The fool makes a comment that I should’ve fed the homeless instead of spending it trying to get the affidavit he was begging me for and he actually thinks we can severe ties on good terms? This all happened two months ago, so I’ve put a lot of thought into the direction I want to go at this point.
Anyway, could go on forever. You asked what my point is. I suppose part of it is vengeance if I’m honest with myself. Your mouth is your worst enemy, and Frank’s mouth helped to put him where he is with ridiculous statements like "only God and me know who killed MF." Apparently Frank hasn’t learned anything since then. After all I’ve done Frank is gonna chump me off over the cash he gets from his sister as if the repurcussions of not getting the cash outweighs the repurcussions he may bring on himself by chumping me off. The guy with all these letters from him talking smack about his sis, the Franckes, Stanford, and others who I know of BTW, and who are good people but don’t jump or jump fast enough when he calls for something. These people have their own lives. They’re not related to him, just concerned for him and they show that with their letters and some cash sometimes. It’s all they know how to do.
Frank is really some punk bitch, lemme tell ya after five years. Still, he doesn’t deserve to be wrongfully convicted. I feel like I’ve been wrongfully convicted in all this, ya know?
Not sure if any of this will help you understand or answer your questions. I think it’s impossible for anyone else to fully grasp how much of myself I’ve devoted without even knowing anyone involved. Maybe this will help…
Imagine devoting your life to God in a manner that far surpasses most other’s devotion and when you get to the pearly gates God says you need to turn around. You’re not welcome up here. You look at him and exclaim, are you out of your fucking mind? Don’t you recognize all that I’ve done. Any of it? How would that make you feel? That’s how I feel. Then God tells you his decision isn’t up for discussion while he’s stepping aside allowing in Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, and the unibomber, giving them high fives for jumping on his leg the last few months, even though they ignored him most of their lives to the fullest degree.
Does that help you to feel what I feel? Spent enough time on this.
Time to start sharing all that I’ve been holding back. Much more to come.

Email From Ann Francke-12-21-09

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Emails
In response to my new web page "Journal of a Murder," I received the following email from Ann Francke.
Dear Rob,

The Steve Jackson piece, "Journal of a Murder," is great, although I have no recollection of any "high ranking FBI official" contacting me.
"May 18 – A high-ranking FBI official in Washington, D.C., writes to Francke’s sister, Ann, and tells her that the bureau is looking into possible corruption within the Oregon prison system and any link to her brother’s death. Portland FBI officials later deny any such investigation took place."
I would have thought that would have played a prominent part in forwarding the investigation, and would have triggered further follow-up contact, which doesn’t seem to be the case. Can Steve Jackson help out on this? I did write my Kansas senators, Bob Dole, and Nancy Landon-Kassebaum. My recollection is that Dole was sympathetic but indifferent, and that Senator Kassebaum was more interested. Was the FBI letter in response to contact from Senator Kassebaum? She very well might have forwarded my letter to the FBI but I cannot recollect any FBI letter in response.

At the reception after Mike’s funeral, which was, as I recall, at Mike’s former brother-in-law Austen Basham’s home (wife Judy is sister to Mike’s ex-, Cassandra "Sandi" Encinias Francke), Governor Goldschmidt was treated most graciously and was probably feeling like he was among friends. I had already contacted Roy Master’s office in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, having heard Masters recount corruption stories from Oregon in his radio show, and had been informed by office staff that their opinion was it was an inside job as there was systemic corruption in high places.

They told me about one case involving "Mountain Man" and some biker gang and the DEA running drugs. I consequently wasn’t feeling amicable towards Goldschmidt, and was in a pretty grim frame of mind. Anyway, as Goldschmidt was preparing to leave, I approached him alone and respectfully asked him to initiate an FBI investigation into Mike’s murder as there were a lot of allegations of state and interstate corruption. That relaxed look left his face and he seemed nervous but composed himself, and said he would not call in the FBI as he was confident the state had the investigation under control.

Some time later, I called the FBI in Oregon, probably the Salem office, and spoke with an FBI agent. I told the agent I was Mike Francke’s sister, and was requesting that the FBI look into, not Mike’s murder, but all the attendant allegations of corruption. I believed there were too many impediments to getting Mike’s case investigated, including Goldschmidt’s refusal. The agent was terse, emphatic and almost robotic, in saying,

"There is no FBI investigation into the Michael Francke murder."
I again stated I wished them to ignore Mike’s murder for the time being, and just concentrate on corruption charges. He again repeated himself. I was a little vexed and explained I was not asking that Mike’s murder be investigated, I only wanted them to look into the drugs and graft and other allegations. The agent repeated himself again, and we concluded the conversation as civilly as possible.

I was really annoyed and then some time later realized this agent may have been trying to do me a favor in dismissing my concerns as he did, given the potential for danger as his boss, Charles Turner, chained these watchdogs, apparently acting in collusion with the cabal of crooks.

A short time after this phone contact with the FBI agent, I got a call from my brother Kevin, who chided me for interfering with the FBI investigation. Later I found out that Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Turner quashed the FBI investigation after their 30-day probe was over, and rejected the FBI request for permission to continue.
There was no FBI investigation into Mike Francke’s murder beyond the 30-day look-see, and I would hope that Kevin could explain under what circumstances the FBI contacted him, as I was led to believe, to have him tell me to back away from my request, and what cooperation or consideration they gave in return.

This is my recollection and I hope you can clarify this with Steve Jackson, who did a great job. Blessings.
Ann Gerard Francke

Yeah, I’d kinda like to hear an explanation from Kevin as well. I’m also curious why Kevin felt the need to hustle his parents out of money for Jeanne Schwartz. Betcha I know why.

Email From A Site Visitor

Posted: August 28, 2009 in Emails
I’m going to jump ahead a bit here and share an email I received from a site visitor after sharing some of Frank’s more recent letters. Letters I have not posted yet, but am building up to. These recent letters from Frank talk about his feeling that my website is negative in nature, and that that feeeling is shared by his legal team and others. Might the "others" be those who Frank complains he can’t get to help him with various tasks, but are always willing to tell him what they think he wants to hear? Is it possible the others might not even exist? I’ve never heard from any of them, nor Frank’s lawyers on such matters. Why so silent? As long as they don’t attack me publicly with false allegations like Francine or others did, I’m perfectly willing to discuss their concerns privately. Seems to me it’s perfectly obvious where the negativity is originating from, so maybe these people need to direct their concerns to the proper place, including Frank.
First, I think your website is factual, if the facts fall on the negative that is what they are. When you insert opinion, you still rely on the facts and are open for anyone to comment or even prove you wrong if they could.
I am always suspect when someone tells me what someone else allegedly said. So at this point you do not know what Frank’s lawyers said/think until and unless you hear from them. If I do not hear from the source myself or see a document or whatever is put forth for me to believe, I just cannot trust it. Even if his lawyers said something it may be misconstrued, misquoted, out of context, misunderstood.
In all my years I have come to believe hardly anyone is quoted correctly. That is why giving a statement to the police without witness/lawyer or recorded is dangerous business. And I am not even talking about cops who want to shade the evidence, jigsaw puzzle it (make the evidence fit the picture they want) or lie. Cops are humans.
Also, after all these years I believe that a lot of people are not lying but that they truly believe their perceptions. A liar is actually pretty easy to trip up or turn, but the person who geniuninely believes what they think they saw/heard etc…. that is actually the truth to them. One then has to go to proving the impossibility of it and not look like they are calling them a liar.
People ask me "what about the truth?" and I say "Whose truths?"
Then there is the lie to make one look better that I believe all humans have the tendency toward. And there is a good reason for this – honest people get punished more severely!
Sometimes the truth is hard to believe and the lie is more believable.
Also, people want the world to line up neat and logical and in reality does it really? Folks don’t want to have to explain coincidences and sometimes the dark side or unexcusable. People want nice neat labels and able to put matters in out-boxes and have an understanding of something where there may be none.
So! With my psychological ramble,(I do have a degree BTW) you really don’t know what his lawyers said, and with lawyers if they have something to say and have strong opinions they tend to make them known loud and clear. Don’t you think his lawyers would have just contacted you directly?
Next, I think for what I know of Frank (which I confess is from reading about him) credibility was always an issue surrounding him. No offense to Frank, but you don’t think prison made that better? Your environment (unless you’re incredibly strong and even then) will shape you.
The analogy I give people is if you take a gold medalist sprinter and place both their feet in mud, they will not be the fastest runner. They are still the same person with the same skills, talents and gifts but their environment will obstruct them ever being able to utilize their fullest potential.
So you take someone who hasn’t the trait of truthfulness and put him in with other cons… again, my understanding of Frank is that he ran the streets of Salem being unlawful in his activities up to a lot of stuff and the pulse of the community did not believe he committed the murder but we’re willing for him to get that sentence to punish him for all he really did do and was not punished for. (That’s the scuttle butt I heard at the time).

Sharing Emails

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Emails
For those interested in "what really happened."
Something someone told me at the time of the murder and they were pretty perceptive, plus grew up in Salem and knew a lot of ins and outs, plus knew a lot of people and even dabbled in politics… they said they were haunted by the picture of Neil G at Mike’s funeral, they described it as showing the pain of a lover…so no, not to imply they were lovers but that there was something more behind it…well, like if you brought the person to your state for slaughter???? Just an interesting side comment.
To my analysis, I start from the recruit of Mike. OK someone allegedly wanted to get to the bottom of the corruption. So who motivated that move? How was Mike chosen? He comes in. There’s talk that things are really messed up but that doesn’t really indicate how bad and how deep. The corrupt poeple might think they were clever enough at first to keep things hidden but at some point there had to be a tipping point. What did Mike find and when to make things into a need to kill him? Then was it the decision of one or a star chamber? (Many, is my speculation). So then who gets the job of setting it up?
What are the options – go professional (less risk) – MIPS ??? Or go to the tweakers because you think you own them and no one will believe them if they talk. Well, the problems with that is if you get enough of them – can you risk people not listening to them? And they would be talking – some for the glory and some for dope and some because they know real facts. Also, a tweaker is more likely to actually farm this out and perhaps that person does too. Happens all the time. So who do they approach who will get it done? and its a big risk that a tweaker will be successful. So if its Tim what makes him tip from doper to potential murderer? And the $20.000 ? Would they really pay that much when a lot less would entice a doper. If it was paid – where did it go?
Was Jan 17th the D-day – had to be done by or just the day it happened? If it was Tim, then someone gave him info as to date, time when Mike would be leaving work and where his car would be. Tim picks a knife because he’s comfortable with that – but he has guns too. A knife is a real up close and personal weapon but it also has a built in silencer.
I think he confronts Mike at his car – Mike never gets in and killer doesn’t want to get in before or after event and leave evidence. The car door is left open – tweaker isn’t thinking – and he marches Mike back to building because he wants to return to his office to not do it in the open, make it look a certain way and also to make sure he gets the documents he is supposed to get. So Mike from being confronted at car has car keys and briefcase in hand. He realizes his chances get worse if he is not in the open (or so it would be logical to presume) – he’s at the door puts the keys on the drain pipe to free hand – does he head butt or try to hit killer with brief case? A struggle. and he gets stabbed, Killer grabs briefcase and runs. Mike goes up stairs slowly (first signs of blood, right?) and then falls to knee at door due to blood loss and props himself up to break window and collapses.
Now has anyone ever answered why when someone finds car door open and no answers to pages – why a perimeter check is not made. Did anyone call his home? Who was the guy who found the door open? Who did page him? Doesn’t make sense unless someone got to him. Where is he now? (like in Erin Brochavitch (sp) – the case bust open because of previous employee who didn’t have anything to lose).
So if Tim did it…was he killed to shut him up and gain access to his stuff? But would committing two murders not open up the risks? Was Liz more involved? I own a .44 but it is not a usual gun for a woman to use and use effectively. Gun of conveneience? Didn’t Tim have lots of guns to choose from if it was his? And who was it?
But if Liz was a part of this – why let her case go beyond the Grand Jury? Why not just rule it self defense at that point? And who was her defense attorneys at trial???
And why not blame it on Tim – it would be convenient because he is dead – why did they need to frame Frank? Wasn’t that a huge risk? So many people involved to pull it off. Granted they did have Goldy by the balls all right… but could they guarentee that to be enough?
So was the corruption really that big – for murder (I know it can take a lot less to order up a kill) but when one goes from crook to killer again there’s a tipping point. And who ordered the kill and who were the minions? Who was the Big Fish?
A couple of years ago I received some emails from an anonymous source. After sharing them with Granny she informed me she had traced the email address to someone named Adam Wiktorek, and felt Adam was probably related to Linda Wiktorek, a name on the indictment witness list.
Here’s the short, and only exchange between Adam and I…
Adam Wiktorek wrote anonymously-
Shortly after Mr. Franke’s murder Mr.Childers and Mr.Natividad stopped by my apartment at Emerald Gardens on Hyacinth ave ne in Salem and put a laptop computer and a tan with dark brown lining London Fog over coat in my storage shed and said "Do Not Even Open this door untill I come back for this stuff".I went to police and they blew me off!!!Earl was my step father at the time.
Rob Taylor wrote-
Ok Adam, after a little research you’ve got my attention. Is Linda, who was on the indictment witness list, your sister, aunt????
What type of disk drive did it have if you know? What did the disks look like?

Did anyone come back to retrieve the items? How long after the murder? You still see or talk to Earl? What compelled you to come forward now?
Is that it or is there more?


Adam Wiktorek wrote-
Linda is my Mom.She married Earl in 1984-5.He spent a couple years in Carson City (ironic isen’t it???)The hard drive or disc I can’t remember after 20 years.I think it was a standerd 3.5 floppy.And as for comming out before,I knew before the trial started was inocent,but when I tried to come out as a wittness I was told my statements wouldn’t matter.A friend sent me your site and this is the first place I’ve been able to say anything.And Earl stashed the computer and coat within a week of the murder.He said DO NOT GO IN THERE,PERIOD!!!.Meaning my storage shed.

Rob Taylor wrote-

So how long did your mom stay married to Earl? Is she willing to talk to me. Does she know about this? How old were you when this happened? Obviously you still went into the storage shed, right? Was there blood on the coat? Who came back to get the items?
Do you still ever talk to Earl? Is he still living in a trailer in Eugene? Have you ever talked to Earl about any of this over the years?
Adam Wiktorek wrote-
Mom has nothing to do with Earl.She was with him about 5-6 years.and probably no on saying anything.It was too scary for her.As for me I was 26 yrs.The coat was wadded up andhad some "slash marks".The ‘pute had some finger prints that looked like blood.And there was some on thye coat
end of exchange—

Do you think this was a legitimate contact? Do you think it was really Adam Wiktorek? How would you have reacted? What would you have done?

Examining Ron Spier

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Emails
Due to a few new recent site visitors, some of who are participating with their comments, I’ve decided to once again start posting emails I’ve received from Ron Spier.
Spier has been a topic lately of some of my posts, and played an integral part in some of the issues I’ve been addressing.
In the past five years many people have contacted me through email. Some with legitimate knowledge and contributions, and some not. In nearly all cases, time has been the one main factor in helping to determine if their intentions were sincere and honorable or if they might’ve had ulterior motives of some sort.
As time permits, I plan to eventually post all of the emails I’ve received from various people whose intentions I’ve determined were other than honorable. These emails will be posted in the website message forum and I will provide links here in the blog as I get them posted.
Today I’m offering a couple of emails from Ron Spier that date back to April of 2006. More will follow. There are over 200 emails total from Ron Spier alone. Read these emails, and determine for yourselves your take on Ron Spier.
Ron Spier wrote…
Below is an obituary for "Bob Hersha" also known as "Dr. Bob." Bob was a local crank cook here in the Salem area. Has any part of your’s or Kevin’s investigation turned up anything on this guy? I think Kevin’s has but I don’t have the details yet.

Robert Hersha

July 10, 1955 – July 2, 2003

SALEM – Memorial service: 8 p.m. today, July 4 at 3305 Portland Rd NE Space G. Arrangements by Howell-Edwards-Doerksen with Rigdon-Ransom Funeral Directors.
Also there might be another player involved named Marie Wagner. Tim N’s car was seen early on the 17th of Jan. 1989 parked in her driveway on 25th street near State Street. A few hours later it was seen again…still in the driveway but Marie’s car was gone & the lights inside her house were off suggesting that her & Tim may have been gone somewhere together in Marie’s car. This would have been between 5:00pm on the 17th & maybe as late as 2:00am on the 18th. Sometime after Tim’s death, Marie was found in a ditch north of here near St Louis Ponds or something to that nature, with 7 .357 bullets in her brain. Her killer has never been found & I really don’t think anyone is looking either. I remember seeing her obituary & picture in the Statesman Journal but I wasn’t able to pull it up on a search.
This information may not amount to anything, but if you & Kevin are sure that Tim had something to do with Michael Franke’s murder then you will have to include Marie Wagner in your investigation because it was me that saw Tim’s car the first time & Dr. Bob & I that saw it there several hours later. Here’s the Fucked Up part about all of this…I have never brought any of this up before to anyone because I can’t prove it, except by just my word. Tim N, Marie Wagner & Dr. Bob are all dead.
If Tim had a female partner in this…it wasn’t Jodie Swearinger, It would have been Marie Wagner & Marie had the balls to do it. She was always a bold, crazy bitch with an attitude & a bad dope habit. She & Tim both collected knives & often traded each other for dope or pussy or what ever.
All I ask is don’t post any of this on your site. You & Kevin need to keep this to yourself & confirm it with death records & maybe meet with me for the rest of the finer details.
You have a few regulars like, "Mom","RW", "Jeanette", "JR" & "LG" on your web site that are half wits & would fuck this all up if they knew about it. My home number is … here in Salem. My cell is … I’ll talk to you or Kevin about this but no one else.
Take Care for now!


In my reponse I asked Ron if he was related to Mike Spier and received the following reply…


I was wondering when someone was going to get around to asking me if I was related to Mike Spear. This is a really long story but I’ll try & keep it short. Mike Spear’s real name is "James Michael Spear" & mine is "James Ronald Spier."

We used to look a lot alike, we were about the same age, we knew all of the same people, & both of us were tought how to cook dope by the same (Bob Horton "The Wizzard") Guy. But for a lot of years we never knew each other until just before the Franke Murder…we met at Marie Wagner’s house one night. He & Candy were in town for a few days & were visiting Marie. He & I talked shop for about 15 hours straight.

That was the same night that I told Mike about a bi-product that I was getting in the last  few months when I made P2P with lead acitate. This crap was emmitting at about 203 degrees F, then would clear up when I was pulling the P2P across the Allen Condenser under vaccume. I had it analized & found out that it was a dybenziel keytone bi-product that causes cancer. Later I found out that DEA had a sub chemical added to the phynel acidic acid to cause dope cooks medical problems.

Mike & Bob noticed it while making P2P but never paid any attention to it. When I noticed it…I would trap it in another flask, then at 203 degrees F, I would switch back to the first (P2P) flask & finish the reaction.  Long Story Short… In Bob’s career as a cook…he only tought 12 people how to cook as good as he was. Of those 12 people…I’m the only one still living. Bob Horton, Mike Spear & the other 11 cooks…ALL died of brain cancer with in five years of each other.

The only reason I’m still alive is because I took the time to find out what was happening, have it checked & do something about it. Actually…I stopped using lead acitate & switched to potasium acitate about that same period of time so I could have better control during the P2P reaction…plus it produced cleaner dope.

It had a few more steps & took more time but it was worth it….in the long run.

I ran pretty hard for another couple of years until I got my farm & beach house paid off then I just got out of it all together. For a lot of years…no one ever knew who I was or what I did &  Bob went to a lot of trouble to keep it that way. He used to say that I would always be his "Secret Ace in the Hole." A couple of times over the years…he had got busted for either cooking or fights or what ever & no matter how much the bail was…he could always call me, I would fly in & bail him out for cash then he would just skip out & never go in that area ever again. He cost me $40,000.00  cash one time for stabbing a nigger in the leg & pushing him off a roof.

Bob was always a good & loyal friend. He never left me hanging….ever! Nor did I him! So thats my story & I’m sticking to it! Oh…Of all of us cooks….Mike Spear was the last one to die….in California just a few years ago.

So anyway…I cleaned up my act & I haven’t done ANY drugs or even booz for over 14 years now. Life is GOOD! ! ! ! !
In my 35 plus years in Oregon I have traveled thru a lot of circles, met a lot of people & have learned a lot about a lot of different things that go on around here. When & if I should ever have….for what ever reason…to share any of my wealth of information, I have always made sure that I tell the whole truth from start to finish.
I may not know the whole story but I’ll certainly tell the truth about all that I do know. We ALL have been hearing about Tim N, his Z car, his whereabouts, his possible involvement, all the different people that keep thinking & saying they know this & that & he did this or that. All of this info has been stored in my head all of these years & it just finally came to a fucking head over Tim’s Z car & it’s whereabouts during the murder.
The Z car was in MY fucking shop LONG before the murder & LONG after the murder. I just couldn’t take the bullshit lies anymore so here I am…Just Bigger Than Shit…With The Whole Truth…& Now An Attitude.
I’m meeting Kevin tomorrow so I can begin telling him all that I know. Kevin has done an extremely GREAT job gathering information…a lot better that I EVER thought he would but a lot of his info isn’t quite the whole truth. He got the jist of it okay but was lied to either on some or most of it. I’m not sure if I have anything completely new for him but I’m sure I can refine most of what he already has into the pure truth. I never knew that some of his info was tarnished until recently or I would have contacted him years ago. But on a scale of 1 to 10 for gathering facts, althou somewhat tarnished with tweek lies…he’s right up there.
Tweeks have this uncontrolable desire to try & tell a complete story when they only ever had a very small piece of it…so they tend to make up a lot of parts & pieces to fill in the blanks & bring the listener up to todays date which clouds or will mask the actual true facts especially if they are being paid to tell the story….kinda like Shorty & Jodie. I believe this is what has been happening to you & Kevin for a very long time. It will take a few get-togethers to sort this out & get back to the facts that are really true & correct & kick out all of the bullshit but it will be worth it for all of us. I don’t have the whole story on all players from start to finish….no body does!
But at least I’ll tell the whole truth & ALL that I know as best as I can remember & produce proof as often as I can. As to the parts that are missing…we’ll just have to try & figure out how it went down the best we can. All we can do is our best & try & keep a positive attitude. Keep in mind that through all of this…& during the next few weeks or months…you & Kevin are going to discover that you have been purposely lied to many times…over & over by people you thought were being honest. You are both probably already aware of it but if it were me…I would keep it to myself until this is all over or until it serves my needs at a later date. I’m all for investigating but lets investigate smart & exployer all angles & motives. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
Anyway…We’ll talk more over the next few weeks or months. Guess I better go for now. Take Care!

Recent Email from a Site Visitor

Posted: January 30, 2009 in Emails
Time to share a comment that was emailed to me recently by a site visitor who has been perusing my website of late. They have no objections to me posting it, so here it is…
As for Kevin and Patrick Francke, I don’t see them doing anything on their own.  If they truly wanted any and all available info, then why turn on you?  You have been the only one who has kept this in the public eye enough to even give them a chance at finding their brothers real killer.  I believe when Kevin first came to Oregon he wanted answers, and I obviously don’t know what happened to change that.  Maybe he was threatened, but personally I think it has something to do with Liz.  Everyone has skeletons they prefer stay locked up, but if they truly want all the info then they’re going to have to be willing to let the flaws be seen. To attempt to control what information is made available and what is kept quiet is a huge red flag to me.
Couldn’t have said it better myself, but I think I’ve come pretty close a time or two. Kevin and Patrick have been "doing something" alright, however I’m not sure it’s always been in Frank’s best interest. Frankly I’m not sure whose best interest it’s been in, other than their own perhaps. Plenty of time to elaborate on that later.