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Michael Francke would’ve turned 64 today had he not been assassinated in order to silence him before he revealed corruption and wrongdoings within the Oregon Department of Corrections and various branches of state government.

Will we ever learn the truth?

Michael Francke you are especially remembered today.


Been a week now since Pat and Kris Keerins got busted for selling heroin. The most difficult part of their withdrawal period should’ve passed by now.This bust was their “Courtesy Call.”





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Eyes on the Oregon State Prison: Voicing Concern for an Inmate’s Life – Salem-News.Com

The latest in the series of articles by on corruption in the state prison. An amusing comment was posted yesterday on this article in the form of a poem. Anyone wanna take a guess who the poster is? LOL!

The poem is very good. Good enough to publish on the home page of the website in fact.

On Asylum Avenue the Dome building stood,
where it had near a century, through both bad and good.
Beside the locked door, beneath a portico hood,
Francke’s body lay waiting in the cold winter night,
for someone to wander within his death’s sight.

Missing since seven, it took hours to find him.
A night-watchman squinted ‘neath lights that were dim,
at a man sprawled on his back, yet tall and trim.
Blood on the wall, the door glass was broken,
he looked at the scene, and knew death had spoken.

The murder was left an unfinished lyric,
of twisted truth and horrors terrific,
yet no shred of evidence, nothing specific.
Soon badges with sirens deafened death’s sound,
and trampled the scene and truth in the ground.

After his murder, upstairs a shredder was humming,
“Seventeen bags and six more a’ coming”
When they reopened the building,
Freddie thought, carrying them out,
“More bags than ever, beyond a doubt”.

Francke’s family was called, they told what they knew.
He’d confided he was watching, more than a few.
Corruption was rampant, he’d planned something to do.
As he watched over Prisons and counted the heads,
The Governor kept calling, “Now, we need beds!”

No one would listen that his staff had been stealing.
He practiced his shooting and held back the feeling,
that he might not be safe with the cards they were dealing.
Day tried to expose them, and he suddenly died,
and Thompson would later, when he finally tried.

Diablo told Angie, I stabbed Francke at dark.
Crouse would confess, and say, ”The answer’s at “Park”.
Then Jodie would say on a lark,
“My dead boyfriend did it” “I know more than you”
Then Keerins and Harden came for reward money, too.

Prosecutors suborned, and worked it just right,
with lie-detector practices into the night.
Then, right on cue each bird took flight,
swirling, twitting, “Perjury Procured”.
The lawyers smiled, conviction secured.

In the room at the Courthouse, they lined up their story.
For Jodie and Harden, even a Mock grand jury.
When the real one convened and they lied, no worry.
Remember? Immunity means it’s alright,
to make snitches from felons till they get it just right .

Gable’s feathers clipped and placed in a cage,
a patsy was framed, and rightly outraged.
A jury wouldn’t know that the trial was staged,
as the parakeet snitches, some caged up too,
prepared their song, to all sing in tune.

Francke’s briefcase is missing, Barger would spar.
The answer lies in “Why, it wasn’t found in his car.
“But, it wasn’t corruption!”, the D.A. argued at Bar.
“Twas a drug-addict, surprised, that wielded the knife,
and Francke, though bigger, just lost his life.”

“Jodie stays in jail! No recant in my Court!”
Again before trial, “No-third party retort!”,
and, “NO to Natividad’s autopsy report!”
In West’s court, motions in limine work really well.
An innocent convicted, well what the hell?



Scott McAlister: Child Porn-Related Conviction and Practicing Law – Salem-News.Com

Tim King, editor of has just published his first two articles relating to corruption in the Oregon DOC and a black ex-guard whistleblower who encountered racism and extreme retaliatory measures from everyone to DOC officials, the Marion County DA’s office, Oregon State Police and Salem police.

More later. We’re under a tornado warning right now with severe thunderstorms. Gotta run. Ya know, I love it when people do what they say they’re gonna do. Right on Mr. King!

As promised earlier I am sharing three offender profiles submitted to me by the forensic psychology class in the UK who studied the Michael Francke case, most specifically the crime scene photos on my website.
The following are emails I received from two of the students.
Hi rob,
        my psychology teacher julie sent you my offender profile assignment a few weeks ago, i just wanted to say thank you for reading through it and for the great feedback, i feel extremely priveledged! i spent a lot of time and research on that assignment…it was extremely interesting i must say. Your website isn’t credited enough. i found it really useful!
Thanks again Amy


Hi Rob

I’ve just recently received the news about your decision to place the three profiles on to your website and I’d like to say that I very much appreciate your review of my profile and that I feel honored to know that someone such as yourself has taken the time to review my work.

On behalf of my fellow class members and my Psychology tutor I’d like to say thank you very much for your comments, time and help that you’ve given us.

With Regards

      Will Morrison


Here are the links to the profiles…

About a month ago I was contacted by one of the students of a Forensic Psychology class in the UK asking for permission to download crime scene photos and other material from my website. Apparently their professor had picked the Francke case due to the enormous amount of information available on the internet, namely from my website.
They have been studying the Behavior Evidence Analysis approach to offender profiling. The fact that Frank is still in custody and there are major issues with his conviction really fired the minds of the students.
Three completed profiles have been chosen to share with me and I have received the first today. Needless to say, none of the profiles have come up with offender characteristics which should have led to a conviction for Frank.
I will share these profiles once I have received permission.
About 12:40 am, security guard Stephen Rubino discovers Francke’s body on a porch of the Dome Building.
Francke apparently had tried to gain access to the building by punching out a pane of glass in the porch door. His keys and glasses were several feet away from his feet.
At about 10am., District Attorney Dale Penn of Marion County, whose office is in charge of the investigation, says no weapon has been found and there are no suspects.
Dr. Larry Lewman, the state medical examiner, says Francke was killed by a stab wound to the heart. He says there were other internal and external injuries but refuses to elaborate at the request of investigators. Although the information is not released to the public until a year later, Francke was stabbed once through his heart and once through the bicep on his left arm; he had cuts and bruises on his hands, arms, head and face as well.
A group of corrections officers, who had been interviewed by the Statesman Journal since December about drug trafficking and working conditions at the Oregon State Penitentiary, call the newspaper within hours of Penn’s press conference announcing the murder.
“We think we know who killed Mr. Francke,” a spokesman for the group says. The officer names the penitentiary official they had been accusing of running the prison drug trafficking. The officers have no proof of their contentions. But they are just the first of dozens of people, who over the next two years will contend that there is a connection between the murder and the corruption in the department.
Francke’s wife, Bingta, his two brothers, Patrick and Kevin, and Kevin’s wife, Katie, later contend that they were told conflicting stories by Peterson, who was second in command at the Corrections Department. Peterson tells them that he left the building after Francke and discovered Francke’s car door open. He says he then paged Francke and began a meticulous search of the building and grounds, according to the family. He told them that he left when he couldn’t find Francke.
The family later learns that the open car door was discovered by two women employees and that Peterson told police that he left before Francke and returned to look for him that night with Dave Caulley. Peterson, who retired in 1990, as with most other Corrections Department officials, has refused to comment about the case.
The apparently contradictory stories raise initial suspicions in the Francke family that they are not being told the truth by corrections, police and the district attorney’s office officials. Kevin Francke insists that Penn and the state police were told of the murder’s possible connection to his brother’s department in the first few days after the murder; Penn says he didn’t learn of the accusation until it appeared in the press months later.