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Letter from Greg Kellcy

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Greg Johnson/Kellcy
Got another letter yesterday from Greg who writes to tell me he has been transferred again. He’s still in the same state Oregon transferred him to roughly 4-5 months ago. His transfer was expected as it was to another facility in the state since he has been classified.
We have both been scratching our heads these past few months wondering why it was taking them so long to transfer him out of the fishtank. Normally it only takes 4-6 weeks to be classified and shipped out.
Whatever the reason, it’s happened now, and that’s a good thing for Greg. In the fishtank he was locked down nearly 24 hours each day with limited ability to make phone calls or even breathe some fresh air. He’s on the yard now, and preparing to start working in the kitchen.
I must say, our correspondence has been quite interesting these past couple of months. Due to get even more interesting now that he’s out of the fishtank.

Phone Call From Greg Kellcy

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Greg Johnson/Kellcy
Yeah, I’ve been wondering why I’ve been getting those "unavailable" cell phone calls lately. Turns out it was Greg Kellcy calling me from the joint on his dime.
I finally decided to answer one of those calls this past Saturday night, and to my surprise it was Greg. We had an interesting 20 minute chat.
He’d like to reassure Liz Francke once again that he never had any intentions of killing her because she killed Rooster. He’s always been quite surprised that she would think such a thing.
Oh, I got another letter from Jodie Swearingen last Thursday too. I’ve just been preoccupied with other projects to take the time to transcribe what she included in her letter for me to post on the site. Coupla personal shoutouts to Meg Hanson and Randy Martinak, as well as a group shoutout to everyone else. She’s asked me to keep our letters between the two of us, but I think I can do some scanning and cropping that will just show what she wants me to put on the site.
Wouldn’t want anyone thinking I’m making stuff up, so maybe the transcription idea needs to be canned.
Greg Kellcy is still in the classification unit awaiting transfer to another prison within the same state he was sent to. Goin on about 100 days now. Inmates are usually shipped from classification within 30-45 days.
Greg mentioned writing a couple of letters to Nigel Jaquiss recently without a response. Nigel really should write him back. I mean, what up? Greg gave Nigel a story that garnered him over 200 comments, and more if he hadn’t had the comments shut down. LOL! Boy that was fun! I was dissappointed things didn’t pick up again when Nigel wrote that ridiculous second piece about Greg being transferred out of Oregon.
What a waste of space. 
Sounds to me like one of Greg’s recent letters informing Nigel of his transfer was the sole inspiration for his article. Oh there was another as well. Anyone wanna take a stab at it? Pardon the pun. 
Received another letter from Greg Kellcy today.
Regarding the other corrections official Greg says he saw with Hoyt Cupp during the alleged payoff to Tim Natividad…he says it’s not Kennicott or Armenikas.
I received another letter today from Greg Kellcy. He’s been transferred to another correctional institution outside of Oregon as he requested.
Although he was hoping to be transferred to Washington State, that didn’t happen.
Greg didn’t tell me not to reveal his new location, however I feel it’s best not to do so at this time.
I received another letter from Greg Johnson/Kellcy today. Got one from his celly Michael Evans as well.
Here’s Greg’s letter…
Worth a look-see. Check it out…