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Got some text messages from Jodie as I was driving home through Chicago Saturday night. Seems her and her boyfriend Joey are homeless after being evicted from a home in Salem owned by Liz Francke’s father.
Apparently Kevin and Liz facilitated a rental arrangement for them about three months ago with Liz’s father who owns the property. In a phone conversation with Joey, and Jodie who added her two cents for a quick minute, I was told how a deal had been cut for them to fix up the place in exchange for rent. Joey claimed to have done a lot of work on the place during the past three months, and that claim was not disputed when I contacted Liz myself.
Liz wouldn’t answer her phone when I called but she responded to my text messages. She said she was surprised Jodie was talking to me and didn’t want to comment claiming I would write about it on my site and twist things to make her look bad. After explaining my effort to get her side of the story would be a waste of time if my intentions were to simply make stuff up to make her look bad, she agreed and opened up.
Anyway, it seems Jodie’s PO raided the house recently making it look like some big drug bust was going down. Jodie ended up being violated for her association with Joey who is an ex-felon, and for failing to report her address. She went to jail for twelve days on a sanction for the violations and was released.
Jodie firmly believes her PO conducted the search, raid or whatever due to a phone call Kevin Francke made to her PO. In other words, she firmly believes Kevin intentionally tried to get her crossed out. Why, she doesn’t know. She claims her and Joey have been clean and trying very hard to bring themselves up. Not only for the obvious reasons, but because she is seven months pregnant as well. Yeah, for whatever reason they’ve chosen to evict her and make her homeless, they’ve chosen to do it two months before Jodie’s baby is due.
As Jodie said in a text message, "I’m at a loss. Don’t get it! What was the purpose or motive behind hooking me up with the whole set-up then evicting me. For what? I just don’t understand it and it hurts."
"For seven months I’ve been reporting. Even went in when I truly believed I would be going to jail."
"Why did I trust them so much when I have yet to find answers myself? Why have they involved themselves in my life so deeply for so long. Bein fake, and Kevin even putting out lots of money during my 7 1/2 years in prison. Not to mention a lot since I been out. He even still sponsors my daughter every year for rodeo. All of this for what? What is it they were hoping to gain and when was it they started realizing they’re not getting it so they turn on me in a way that hurts badly, and I believe they really wanted me to feel it."
Liz claims she’s not aware of Kevin talking to Jodie’s PO. Says her brother Bill who resides on the property as well, told her dad about the raid and that there was a lot of traffic. A text message from Liz explained, "I guess it was more than they wanted on the property. I know it sucks."
Seems to me you’d have to be pretty ignorant not to think a raid by probation and parole wouldn’t be a possibility if you entered into a rental agreement with a parolee, and Jodie Swearingen at that! Or that Jodie might have a lot of traffic. Besides, the place was in disarray. Not like people were beating down the door to rent the place.
Sounds like bad bullshit to me Liz. Kevin and Liz still refuse to answer my calls. Hey, they don’t owe me an explanation.
Still, I find it all quite strange and can’t help being curious as to why they’ve severed their ties with Jodie in this manner and just before she’s due to have a baby.
When I asked Jodie if she cared if I wrote about all this on my site, she replied, "No. Matter factly I don’t give a damn about them, and now that my eyes are wide open, make no mistake, I am seeing them for what and who they really are."