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Here’s the link to Phil’s new book at Powells. Stop by and leave a comment. I did. LOL! Besides me and his son there are only two other comments. Let’s show some support and say what’s on our minds, shall we?

The Peyton-Allan Files by Phil Stanford – Powell’s Books


I guess Phil needs to make a living like everyone else, but why write a book on the Peyton/Allan murders? A case that’s fifty years old, the alleged wrongfully convicted have since been released, and the guy Phil thinks did it is locked up for most likely the rest of his life in another state. This coming from a man who bills himself on his website as being best known for his work on the Francke case. Why not write about the Francke murder and the wrongful conviction of Frank Gable? I would think there would be much more interest in that case, and it could help to free an innocent man who has been locked up for over twenty years.

I for one, have no interest whatsoever in the Peyton/Allan murders, and according to Phil, neither does local law enforcement as far as taking another look at the case. So what’s accomplished other than making a few bucks? There was a time when I felt Phil was about much more than that.

I will however be interested in reading Phil’s next book, “Rose City Vice.” Having an Uncle who was a Captain on the Portland Police force during the 70’s should help to make it interesting. Click the link to check out video of Phil promoting his book.

Phil Stanford opens The Peyton-Allan Files | | Portland News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | Live @ 7

Just in time for the holidays…Phil inks a book on the Peyton-Allan murders and starts his own publishing company to distribute it along with his other book "Portland Confidential." Local bookstore appearances are slated over the next few days and Phil is interacting with fans on his new facebook page.

Phil Stanford – The Peyton-Allan Files – ptownbooks