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Last month Yvonne Heinrichs posted a comment on my profile page of this site. It was a response to the comment I made in my profile about Frank being a devout christian and me being a "doubter." I didn’t see it until recently. I go on to say that me being a doubter is probably the best reason I can give for what I am trying to do for Frank as his prayers have gone unanswered for nearly twenty years now.
Ms. Heinrichs posted:
You say that Frank’s prayers have gone unanswered for 20 years. I’ve got news for you, YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO FRANK’S PRAYERS. Surprise!
Thank you Yvonne! Thank you very, very much! That is most definitely the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Rex Brockman, someone who knows Frank and the entire Gable family, recently posted in my guestbook. Here’s the post…
"My name is Rex Brockman, thank you for all the work you do. with out this site I would not have not known about frank , he  and I go back to when we were kids in Glasgow Montana, I knew his entire family. I have been in touch with Frank both by mail and phone and he seems to be in very good spirit and is very positive about being released. he told me that his case is going to federal court some time this year. is  there any way to get the trial  transcript, I sure would like to see what his defense team did to defend him. From reading your site it does not look like they did much. why did they not object to life with out parole at the time of his conviction this was not in law in the state of Oregon. you can reach me at ……………… I hope there is something I can do to help."
Rex Brockman
and my reply…
Hi Rex,
I just wanted to say thanks for posting in my guestbook. I spoke to Frank last night on the phone and he said he had been in contact with you like you said.
I don’t have a copy of Frank’s trial transcript. I wish I did. As for the life without parole sentence, that’s what’s currently stalling Frank’s case from reaching the federal appeals level. Like you said, life without was not an option when the crime occurred. It became an option when he was convicted. Frank’s lawyers apparently took it upon themselves to decide they would rather the jury decided on Death or life without…compared to Death or life with. Their reasoning being that decision probably saved him from the death penalty. Whatever, they were supposed to let Frank make that decision.
In my opinion it’s a wasted argument now. It has stalled Frank’s case from reaching the federal level for nearly four years now, and the best case scenario is Frank will be resentenced to life with the possibility of parole. Paroled straight to a fed prison where Frank has an 8 year sentence which runs consecutive to his state murder charges.
Click on the following link to read more.
With all due respect Mr. Brockman, if you’re serious with your offer to help, I’d suggest you check your email more frequently. I sent my reply two weeks ago, and have yet to receive a reply.
Update on Frank’s state appeal status:
Harrison Latto, the attorney handling the resentencing argument that is still lingering in the state appeals court since it was first argued by David Celuch in June of 2005, has filed a transcript with the court. A brief is due in a few weeks.
After he files the brief, it could take the state six months or more to file a responding brief.  The case is then set for argument, which takes a few more months.  Then it is taken under advisement by the court.  A decision might be issued within a few weeks after that (in which case it would probably be an unfavorable one), or could take a year (better chance of a favorable decision).  Appellate litigation is slow and there is no way to avoid the delay.
So, as for Frank’s case getting to federal court sometime this year…I seriously doubt it!

Ask and you shall receive…

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Videos
Been a busy couple of weeks around here. Last week my neighbors cut down a tree that sat between our houses. Ever since we moved into our house here in Iowa this tree has been messing with our Satellite signal during the spring and summer months when the leaves bloom on the branches. Creates a line of site issue that pretty much leaves us with local channels only and no HD signal. Really pisses me off when football season starts considering how much I pay the satellite company for service including the NFL package. DirecTV has been pretty good about giving us credits on our bill.
Anyway, the tree sits on my neighbors property so I asked him what the chances were of getting the top of the tree chopped off. Just so happened a friend of his who cuts down trees showed up the next day with all his equipment. I tossed in $200 toward the cause, and bingo, no more tree. That’s what I call being neighborly. Might’ve saved him an insurance claim down the road too cuz a good storm could’ve caused considerable damage to my house from that tree.
Here’s a quick video I made of the event that Shelly and everyone we know here are making fun of me for making. Well hell, I’m used to that!

The Hearst Corporation’s move to end the print edition leaves the P-I’s larger rival, The Seattle Times, as the only mainstream daily in the city.

"It’s a really sad day for Seattle," said P-I reporter Angela Galloway. "The P-I has its strengths and weaknesses but it always strove for a noble cause, which was to give voice to those without power and scrutiny of those with power."

Last month Hearst said it would close or sell the San Francisco Chronicle if the newspaper couldn’t slash expenses in coming weeks.


Yahoo! News – Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper goes Web-only by AP: Yahoo! Tech

Dedicated to all those who enjoy a stiff drink a time or two.
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My favorite Aerosmith song of all.

Seasons of Wither Live from Texas Jam ’78