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Pam Quinn-aka granny…come on down. You’re on front street!

Observe an email from Pam Quinn received by me exactly one year ago yesterday…

Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 04:42:13 -0700 (PDT)

From: Pam Quinn

Subject: Fwd: Re: gable case and Ron Spier

CC: rob taylor

There is an attached email exchange to this email. The exchange is the last, and most lengthy of three email contacts between me and Ron Spier. Contact was initiated by Ron to me from the get-go. Mostly it was just links to media articles and pictures of people in jail that he sent me (all which I already had). He wasn’t smart enough to find Johnny Crouse, though. Perhaps it irritated his ego that someone else found Crouse (me). I don’t think that Ron knows that though, unless someone specifically told him. He may think Rob found Crouse, which is fine with me.

Some thoughts on Spier and more:

Don’t you find it enlightening that Ron is currently commenting to you that my article/post (circa may 9) at the website about what the Oregonian wrote about Frank in 2005?

It is being referred to by Ron as "more bullshit from Granny" in his email to you. This is the very article you thought was awesome, and complimented me on. Yet, Ron Spier calls it bullshit.

As I speculated to you on the phone recently, I suspect Ron gets upset when people don’t correspond with him, on his directive, which I failed to do.

I never promised to, either.. As you will see below in the email attached, he tried to suggest I call him, which I didn’t.

Ron is never very clear, or consistent on dates, regarding what he has to share, that I have read written by him, so far.

(Gee Pam, you don’t say?)

I have accumulated enough of his emails (forwarded to me) and read his comments from the forum over the last year to conclude this, take what Ron says with a grain of salt.

(Oh really? A grain of salt huh?)

He may know some names, but he doesn’t seem to back up things (incidents) with significant info or accurate time-frames. Frankly, he seems to be a distraction.

(Kinda like you now, huh Pam?)

Ron has admitted he never knew who Frank Gable was before the trial. Frank had never heard Ron before Ron surfaced at the forum, and Frank has gotten no letters from Ron ever. Frank says No letters from Kevin either, so be cautious what to believe. There is no censorship of mail to inmates, except from other inmates. Victims families have the right to correspond with perps by mail. It is not common, but it is allowed, post-conviction. It does raise the question why Kevin sends nothing, even a card, to Frank for a couple of years, at least.

(you don’t write Frank either Pam. Oh, that’s right, you don’t wanna be accused of having some ulterior motive by writing Frank. Sounds kinda paranoid-delusional to me)

I have read Frank’s letters over the last several months to Rob, Frank gave Rob specific permission to share them with me. Frank has asked that caution be exercised related to Ron Spier. Frank seems to question Ron’s reasons for what Ron has done so far (think about Ron’s trying to diss Rob as an example), and what Ron has said so very NEGATIVE about others, others who may be important in some way to Frank in the future, if he gets a new trial.

(kinda like you now, huh Pam?)

One only needs to look no further than the the nasty comment Ron just emailed you (that you forwarded to me) about my efforts to index names and details about Frank’s case, and the critical article I wrote about the Oregonian.

Consider this, Ron has never spoke to me live, or met me. I never got involved with the BIG fight Ron did at the website, yet Ron describes my hundreds of hours of archiving documents & organizing witness statements in the forum as "More BULLSHIT from Granny" ? LOL.

(whoa, this granny thing is kinda like déjà vu with Ron…LOL)

Don’t you think that seems ODD? If Ron S. cared about Frank? Why would Ron think that my efforts are bullshit ?

(applies to Pam now too)

I don’t see Ron doing anything but muddying the water behind the scene with phone calls to people, wanting to meet with people, and calling a lot of people liars. This is not helping in the process to overturn the wrongful conviction of Frank.

(Pam has become just like Ron and is guilty of the same now)

The Kellcy issue is extremely touchy for Frank right now, yet Ron is trying to inject himself into it, already. Frank specifically asked Rob that everyone keep hands of the Kellcy issue, and let Frank’s legal advisers and own investigators handle it.

Rob respected that. I do too. Ron, and Kevin are extremely overly-curious about what is going on in this Kellcy matter, IMO.

Remember>>>>So far, IT IS ONLY Ron Spier who is implying Greg Kellcy/Johnson is connected with the Marie Wagner woman’s death, or has knowledge about it. I find the time-line suspect though, because I didn’t think Kellcy was around Salem on the streets at that time of the Wagner murder.

I believe the timeline with Kellcy likely puts him in prison, or out of state then, so I’m not sure how Ron had access for Kellcy to say anything to Ron about Marie, around Christmas 91, a couple weeks before her body was found. I say, prove it, Ron.

(yeah, me too-haha)

Another thing I find interesting is that Ron has (to several people), regularly insisted that Tim Natividad was with Ron all night after (again according to Ron) beating up Kellcy, and that after the fight, they (Ron, Tim and numerous others) were playing video games the whole night of the Francke murder,

>>>> and yet Ron now is saying to you that Tim was possibly having sex with Marie W most of the night of the Francke murder, or she might even helped Tim do it, as she "had more balls than a man"..

What speculation will Ron spin next?

(or granny-hehe)

I admit, Ron is a good source of names and who might have known who, his info still needs to be double- checked against other peoples info.

Ron’s motives in attacking me (who he doesn’t know a thing about) and my archiving work in the forum, I find interesting and see it as another effort meant to impede anyone assisting Frank right now.

(I can say the same for granny now, however, she does know a thing or two about me which makes her motives even stranger to me)

Soon, a new chapter for Frank may be opening, and investigators may need to speak with numerous people from the past. I am concerned that Ron is a planning to become a hindrance, not a help, by attacking nearly virtually everyone’s credibility, but his own. So far, that has been an emerging pattern of his behavior, which switches like the weather.

An open mind, if any thing is re-investigated is important for Frank’s new team. Having a rogue element, such as Ron, intimidating, and manipulating people behind the scenes, if Spier has or is doing so, by calling people liars, full of bullshit, and stupid, could be counter-productive for Frank’s new team, especially when they need to engage with people as potential witnesses again.

I know you write to Frank, he needs true friends like you, and I know he must appreciate you. That is the most important thing.


PS: I’m cc Rob Taylor this email, because it keeps the lines of communication open for us who really care about Frank, and Rob’s hard to get by phone lately.



Pam Quinn has become just one more manipulating rogue element working behind the scenes and posting anonymously of late at the Greg Johnson editorial. She wants the “smoking gun” so bad, and she thought she had it with Billy Jack Haynes. Ah-hahahahaha!

Now she thinks she has it with Ron Spier. Hell, maybe she does, maybe not.

One things for sure, her anonymous posting bullshit has come to an end. I refuse to sit back any longer and watch her do the same thing Spier did. She is a very intelligent person, and she started off well with her posts, “Untimely Deaths and Time is of the Essence,” but then she began to stray into the Spier/Godlove stuff. Once I began to offer my opposing views on that theory based on her own words above which I agree with, she began to attack me with her anonymous posts…just like Spier does. She even posted that same letter Spier posted after receiving it from Francine. At least Spier signed his post with RS, and at least it was in context with what was being said at the time.

The best thing about the Billy Jack saga was how it fronted Pam off for being just another “behind-the-scenes manipulator and gameplayer. She betrayed me in one of the most lame-ass fashions you could imagine, knowing full well how I feel about traitors. When I posted in my blog what happened she ran directly to Francine, Kevin, and by golly to Ron and Francine’s forum spewing forth some of the most ridiculous accusations I’ve heard from anyone to date.

She claims I’ve been compromised and apparently wants credit for it. Whatever! Hopefully what anyone who was paying attention to any of it learned, is that I’m not interested in playing these clandestine games. I’m not interested in obtaining info from anyone who is not willing to step up and share it with the lawyers or the media.

Put up or shut up!

Haha, she runs to Kevin claiming she got me to compromise myself hoping for some pat on the back, and now she’s insinuating Kevin’s wife Liz may have lied about how Natividad’s murder went down…anonymously of course. She’s her own biggest fan!

Nearly all of the anonymous posts at the WW editorial in the past month have been made by Pam Quinn. Look them over. Now look at some emails Pam has sent me…

Ready to launch this:

Witnesses bullied to silence by Taylor?

By Pam Quinn

Not believable. From a quick google search, it appears Mr. Taylor’s freefrank website the only online repository venue (that includes a public forum with many informative posts) to consider the Michael Francke murder from a variety of peoples’ perspectives.

Other than a few mainstream Oregon media sources who have done different articles over the years, and Taylor’s free frank website/ forum, there’s not much ‘out there’ to educate the public about the likelihood of Gable’s innocence.

According to the big Oregonian ‘review’ a couple years ago, the public should ‘forget about it’, because Gable’s trial and conviction are just hunky-dory clean as a whistle.

It is rather doubtful Greg Johnson Kellcy sat on his story for more than a decade and a half because he is afraid of a novice internet webmaster (Mr. Taylor)taunting him, or that Cappie Harden sat on his story, (until his recant a couple years ago) because of fear of Taylor taunting him in public forums, or his website either.

It is ridiculous to accept the premise that potential witnesses have not come in from the cold because they are afraid of Rob Taylor, who is a one-shot novice webmaster. he may prolifically, post comments in a bunch of comment forums, that follow media articles in this case, but so do many people.

Potential witnesses are far more likely to remain quiet (if they even have some valuable unknown truth to share in this murder case) because; 1) they have been afraid of repercussions to themselves and/or family since 1989, 2) they don’t care that Gable is in jail; 3) they are holding a trump card close to their chest as insurance; 4)they think they might get paid like Harden did to talk/recant; 5) they could implicate themselves as accessories after the fact in a murder.

Rather doubt a novice webmaster has enough bully power/pulpit since 2004/2005 (when the website seems to have gotten going).

Anyway, where were these "silent" witnesses for the previous sixteen years, pre-Taylor?

And another……….

You know what? Rob, these people are all slowly exposing why this case sits like a hard turd in someone’s ass, including Frank’s….

don’t mean to sound mean. BUTT…you can try to lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

where the hell does truth go from here, when the key characters (supposed victims) won’t come clean and go transparent, and I mean the victims…Franckes and Gables…??

I never expected to see this side of the coin, did you??

no wonder the government assholes get away with their shit…


(Pam has constipated this case even more than she speaks of above with her actions in recent months.)

Here’s another………

You know Rob, it is nice she had the courtesy to RECOGNIZE all you have done. She deserves some points for that. Right now, I am realizing how freaking unappreciated you have been by people who should actually be patting you on the back. I hope you have had other emails like that in the past, because you have done so much to help.


And another………

HI Rob:

There seems to be no common ground for anyone in this effort to free

Frank. The culture of the case seems to have been set in motion too early on.

I understand what you mean when you say you had to choose which way to

turn, I will not give up either. I want to believe the Feds might help, but I am unconvinced…so I guess that nails me as a pessimist.

I won’t give up, I am just sad

Take care, Pam

Wake the fuck up Pam and snap out of this “Sybil” mode you’ve fallen into. I am the same outspoken, opinionated, arrogant fuck today as I was when I began the website. Only difference is now I’m unleashing that on the Francke’s, the lawyers, and the media who have done nothing but rehash the same BS, nearly screwed up Frank’s fed appellate process, and ignored new info.

This case and the people involved have become the biggest joke I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Sure I’ve used info from some to attack others, but think about it…if those who shared their info with me hadn’t, then there never would’ve been a reason to attack anyone cuz I never would’ve been aware of the games they were playing.

People have to talk in order for us to see the big picture in every different angle.

People have to talk, otherwise the shenanigans are hidden. Just like in the Francke murder. Get it?

God, I could just go on and on with this shit, but lemme tell you this…if Mike had been my brother I’d be doing anything and everything to gather as many people together as possible to march right now on the DOJ with the law that Pam cited in her “Time is of the Essence” piece demanding a full investigation be opened up now!

What more do you need? What is everyone waiting for? A pardon? Please! Pam has handed us on a silver platter the law that gives law enforcement the right to begin new investigations, and all of the info that has been gathered to date more than backs up the reason for such an investigation to be opened.

They are surely not going to initiate anything themselves without a big push. When is everyone going to realize that we have to take it to another level because the current game plan is a farce? Why does it seem I’m the only one with a sense of urgency after 17 years?

Awww…pour yourself another beer Kevin.




The following is an email I received from Granny not long after the Greg Johnson story appeared in the Willamette Week.

Hi Rob: 😎

It took me more than a year of part-time thought , after finding your website to get a handle on this murder before we began communicating.

Nigel is probably a quicker study than me, especially because he seems to have a knack with cutting through male political BS, which is my first handicap (among many).

So my thoughts are that he is getting hit, via email from multiple sources.

He is going to go with what intrigues him first.

Even you and I are guilty of that subjective mistake, or subjective gift, depending on the perspective of the moment vs. our lives.

You know, I was thinking the other day, about how Francine wanted to shut you and Frank down, and then Ron Spier wanted to shut you an Kevin down.

Now it twists again, like a SQUIRRELY worm.

I don’t have to love the Francke’s or the Gable’s to see this murder and the subsequent conviction as an assault upon society, which in a turn of a spool means mine and yours, or you and me.

This eighteen year failure of truth may have the hallmarks of a modern Shakespearean tragedy, so enormous, that even the most gifted investigators (like Nigel) cannot find witnesses that will come forward. Fear always drives the truth from the light.

Unless those DOC search team members (A Shed fire) feel safe, they will never speak up again. Then the truth is truly lost in our lifetime, unless they have written journals or diaries, it will never be known.

Then you (we) have the victim #2, FRANK, (convicted of the murder) saying what he said in his most recent letter to you, and you have to step back, and once again understand, why he was the perfect patsy.

You went down to the trench level for both sides, and you came out of it, just another victim.

If you saw yourself the way others saw you, you would have quit then.
Those that supposedly were the very folks you were trying to help.

But you know what, they see ONLY what they can see. And you see what is possible. I think I do too. Many don’t see what is possible, they are stuck in the past, and have a hard time shaking it.

Here we are, individually (you and I) in collaboration at times and sometimes individually, trying to shake A TREE, that we can’t see the roots of, but we see the rotten fruit.

No wonder others question "our" motive/s, we are on trial before we even make a move to expose this bullshit.


I am just shooting from the hip, getting in the groove of the way "normal" people (mainstream) think, and the paranoid think, also. They seem closer all the time.

As always, I wait to hear how you see it. I see it from only my narrow perspective.

In the end………………….The stupid, and sleezy, like Pecyna, just fuel my fire.


End of email—-


We are all victims of this horrible injustice whether or not any of us choose to get in the trenches or not.