Hearing Scheduled For Frank Gable

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Appeals
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A hearing has been scheduled for Frank on May 24, 2011 at 9am. This hearing will determine whether or not to assemble a new panel of jurors to decide on resentencing only. The decision to sentence him to life with the possibility of parole or the death penalty. If Frank wins at this hearing it will further delay his case from officially reaching the federal level, probably at least another year. If he loses, his state appellate status is complete, and his case officially moves to federal court.

A win here is a loss in my opinion. The best scenario to be had is obtaining a new sentence of life with the chance of parole. Most likely parole would be denied at his first two board hearings, but on the chance he is granted parole it would be to a federal prison to serve a 6-8 year sentence that runs consecutive to his state murder charges. Personally, after all this time, exoneration would be the only thing I’d want.

  1. Candy Harper says:

    I agree hate it when I know or think I know they did not do it and there doning time for it!

  2. mike s ex wife says:

    I hope the truth comes out of what happen,I hate to see someone sentenced for something he didnt really do.or did he?

  3. Jeanette says:

    Well, tomorrow we will find out. It’s too bad that Michael and Kris Keerins would just simply tell the truth about what they know about the Michael Francke murder. It would make it so simple as to what they know about what really happened when Michael Francke left the Dome building that evening. Even, Mickey Goss seeing Kris K. as early as 5:30 p.m. that evening behind the Dome building. I wonder if their conscience ever catches up to them? My nickname for K.K. is “the lookout.”

  4. mike s ex wife says:

    that will never happpen,their is alot more than just mike and kris that know what really happen.its a big cover up that alot of people are involved in .

    • Jeanette says:

      That is for sure…but, I do agree with Kevin Francke as to who murdered his brother and what officials were involved as to what part they played and what Greg Johnson Kellcy has to say about who took out Michael Francke. You start with Tim Natividad and do some backtracking and the dots start to connect and out comes those skeletons in the closet.

  5. james gable says:

    Frank this is your little brother james. I want you to know i love you and miss you. I am praying fOr your freedom and hope it comes soon.

    • Julee says:

      james my name is julee. Frank had a daughter Elisha and I am her childrens step mom. they woukd like to write to their grandpa if you can give me prison address???

  6. James Majors says:

    I have a source that tells me that Frank Gable did not kill Michael Franke. He tells me it was Mike Meitoff that murdered Mr. Franke.

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