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Getting Refamiliarized with the Murder of Michael Francke – Salem-News.Com


From Mr. King’s article…

"Without expanding too much, I will just say that Coleman’s case holds the keys to exposing the real killer of Michael Francke. Days of justice are ahead. "

I certainly hope so.

Local Media Downplayed Former Prison Guard’s Struggle Against Racism – Salem-News.Com


Scott McAlister: Child Porn-Related Conviction and Practicing Law – Salem-News.Com

Tim King, editor of has just published his first two articles relating to corruption in the Oregon DOC and a black ex-guard whistleblower who encountered racism and extreme retaliatory measures from everyone to DOC officials, the Marion County DA’s office, Oregon State Police and Salem police.

More later. We’re under a tornado warning right now with severe thunderstorms. Gotta run. Ya know, I love it when people do what they say they’re gonna do. Right on Mr. King!


Man Given 4th Death Sentence In 1987 Slayings – Portland News Story – KPTV Portland

A jury in the central Oregon city of Bend decided on Thursday that Randy Lee Guzek should be put on death row for the 1987 murders of Rod and Lois Houser.

The 41-year-old Guzek was 18 at the time of the murders. He was convicted the following year and given the death penalty.

The conviction stood for more than 20 years, but the Oregon Supreme Court overturned the death sentence three times on procedural grounds.

Jurors during the fourth sentencing trial were asked to send Guzek to death row or give him life in prison with the possibility of parole when he is 78.

LOL! Very nearly the same situation Frank is in as Frank is trying to get his life without parole sentence overturned. While Guzek has had his sentence overturned three times, Frank has been waiting five years for a ruling to get his sentence overturned just once and have a new jury decide on life with parole or the death penalty. I mean WTF?

What is Kevin Francke doing to live up to his promise to Frank to do whatever he can to help him? What is Frank’s sister doing? What are the lawyers doing besides fucking up his case by failing to file appeals on time? Who’s watching over these lawyers? Obviously nobody is doing jack shit other than fucking his case up.

Oh well, maybe Frank will get that new jury soon and they’ll give him the death penalty this time.

As promised earlier I am sharing three offender profiles submitted to me by the forensic psychology class in the UK who studied the Michael Francke case, most specifically the crime scene photos on my website.
The following are emails I received from two of the students.
Hi rob,
        my psychology teacher julie sent you my offender profile assignment a few weeks ago, i just wanted to say thank you for reading through it and for the great feedback, i feel extremely priveledged! i spent a lot of time and research on that assignment…it was extremely interesting i must say. Your website isn’t credited enough. i found it really useful!
Thanks again Amy


Hi Rob

I’ve just recently received the news about your decision to place the three profiles on to your website and I’d like to say that I very much appreciate your review of my profile and that I feel honored to know that someone such as yourself has taken the time to review my work.

On behalf of my fellow class members and my Psychology tutor I’d like to say thank you very much for your comments, time and help that you’ve given us.

With Regards

      Will Morrison


Here are the links to the profiles…