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CONVICTION is the inspirational true story of a sister’s unwavering devotion to her brother. When Betty Anne Waters’ (two-time Academy® Award winner Hilary Swank) older brother Kenny (Sam Rockwell) is arrested for murder and sentenced to life in 1983, Betty Anne, a Massachusetts wife and mother of two, dedicates her life to overturning the murder conviction. In theaters this October!

Another classic by Edward Current submitted for the holidays. Listen to Edward as he proves that being a Christian requires constant thinking, while being an atheist sheep does not. This explains why athiest are the dumbest people God ever created!
As always, the comments posted to Edward’s videos are the most comical

Can Clarence help Frank Gable?

Posted: December 18, 2009 in Videos
Time for my annual shoutout to any angel 2nd class’s looking to earn their wings.

It’s unfortunate other states don’t have these Innocence Clinics, including Oregon. The wrongful conviction of Frank Gable for the murder of Oregon Corrections Chief Michael Francke has many similarities to the Provience case. Nearly identical!

Check it out… 

YouTube – No DNA to Test: The Wrongful Conviction of Dwayne Provience

The National Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform

Saturday, November 7, 2009

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The SLEOs of Maricopa County


Here’s the video…


Imagine my surprise upon learning what my favorite YouTuber does when he’s not making his "christian" videos. Haha!

He’s the lead vocalist and bass player for a tribute band out of Oakland, CA who plays only tracks off of David Bowie’s "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars." One of my favorite albums of all time. Oh how I wish I was still living in the bay area right now.

YouTube – Ziggy Love – show excerpts


My favorite song off the new CD. The lyrics are applicable to many situations, issues or whatever…including this case, as in the decision of many to lie, manipulate or simply turn away and ignore it.

This video is an outstanding acoustic version of the song. The track from the CD is playing on the homepage of this site. 

YouTube – Alice in Chains Performs "Your Decision"