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As I have previously mentioned, I made an inquiry with Phil Stanford recently about getting a copy of Frank’s trial transcript if he had one.

Shortly thereafter I received an email from Kevin Francke concerning the transcript.

Trial transcripts

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 10:22 PM

From: "Kevin Francke" <>

To: "Rob Taylor"


Phil called and asked how he could provide the xtripts from Frank’s trial, which is akin to asking him how to build a small thermo-nuclear reactor which can be transported on a common carrier without detection.

LSS. I loaded them on a disc for him many moons ago, but he can’t zip them into a transportable file to send you, or he can just copy them onto a disk and send them snailmail.

I copied those for you and you had them at one time, so did they go south, or???

Anywho, let me know. All the xscripts are intact pretty much, except the day that Jodie testified around June tenth or so…I think it was a Friday. That would have to be ordered via hard copy from the court of appeals.




My reply went unanswered.

Last week I emailed Kevin again. I figured since asking Phil for Frank’s transcript triggered a call to Kevin, which in turn resulted in Kevin sending me the transcript, I’d go right to the source this time, eliminating the middleman. Some habits never die.

The following is my email and Kevin’s response…

— On Fri, 4/24/09, Rob Taylor <> wrote:

From: Rob Taylor <>
Subject: ?
To: "Kevin Francke" <>
Date: Friday, April 24, 2009, 10:44 AM


So how about a copy of Liz’s transcript now, or do I havta ask Phil so he can ask you?


And Kevin’s response…

you are still a jackass…go figure.

Friday, April 24, 2009 8:23 PM

From: "Kevin Francke" <>



You can ask Phil if you wish, but I seriously doubt that he can magically produce anything which doesn’t exist Robbie.

The transcripts were never saved on any records due to the acquittal of Liz. The court reporter, Bonnie, was getting ready to trash her 5.25 floppies and allowed me access to her computer to read them.

This was a dedicated computer that was sold to court reporters that operated a proprietary app that could only read their inputs. It was very expensive (about $22,000.00) to buy the system, but it assured them that they could sell the transcript copies to the appellate attorneys for about a buck a page. Big trials made them big bonuses as they were not obliged to public disclosure at the going rate .

Liz’s trial had about 6,000 bucks worth of proprietary copies to be made if I wanted to preserve it. It certainly wasn’t worth it after reading it.

It may be interesting reading to you if you want to know how a psychopath/sociopath man behaves when he is wigged out on drugs and the circumstances he has put himself into, and how he projects that upon his captive audience, but it wasn’t a good read for me. As Bonnie told me, "You’ve got a good, strong woman there who cares about her kid(s). And so it was.

Tim’s parents have visited here, at our home, and run into Liz and myself often, and there is nothing that they hold over her, at all, because they also know that Tim was, and what he was capable of inflicting.

You’ll need to find fodder elsewhere. It is what it is, and You is what you is. Why you feel the need to slam me, or Liz is beyond me. lol! in my humble opinion!


ps. You’ve alienated everyone but Shorty. Shorty? Where do birds flock? Why do I bother to crack open a door with you? Your dad was a lot more right than wrong.

Personally, I feel the tone in Kevin’s email is quite defensive. Why?

I simply asked for Liz’s transcript because it involves the murder of Tim Natividad. Had Liz’s trial been about the murder of someone unrelated to this case I couldn’t have cared less about it.

In reading the jury selection process of Frank’s transcript that Kevin sent, I came across a statement from a prospective juror who said they felt if the DA’s office had charged someone with a crime, they felt that individual was probably guilty. That they couldn’t imagine the DA’s office charging anyone unless they had a substantial amount of evidence against that person which would result in a conviction.

While I feel that is a very naïve statement, I am not surprised that this person or others feel that way. On that note I became more curious as to what kind of case the DA’s office had against Liz that made them feel they could win a conviction. You don’t think the DA’s office was unaware of Liz’s self-defense defense do you? They obviously didn’t buy it or they would’ve dropped the case.

Although Kevin thinks I have alienated “everyone,” he is mistaken. There are others just as interested as myself who would like to read Liz’s trial transcript. Kevin is obviously referring to the handful of lops who I went a few rounds with some time ago.

Kevin says “the transcripts were never saved on any records due to the acquittal of Liz.”

Since when don’t they save transcripts of acquittals? When I called the courthouse a few months back in an attempt to get the transcript I was given a case number and instructions on how to obtain the transcript. It was also explained to me that I would only be allowed to purchase copies. An expense of hundreds of dollars or more at the rate they charged. Something close to a buck a page if I remember correctly.

However, I was told the attorney of record (AOR) could obtain the transcript on disk. I explained the AOR was deceased, and learned that Liz could appoint a new AOR to request the transcript.

Getting no assistance from Liz, I decided to enlist the services of a local Salem attorney to submit a formal request of the transcript, and kept my fingers crossed. Didn’t help! The court’s response was that they were unable to provide copies of the transcript requested because they were destroyed in a fire at the courthouse on November 12, 2005.

Thus, I resorted to asking Kevin hoping he had a copy and would share it with me.

Kevin’s excuse about not being able to preserve a copy for himself due to the cost of the computer system which could read the disks is ridiculous. Furthermore, he states that he was given access to the disks and read them. The entire trial? I highly doubt it, but maybe so.

If Kevin took the time to read her transcript himself, then why should he be surprised at me or anyone else for wanting to read it as well?

Maybe we want to read it for the same reasons he did.

Also, Liz was the defendant who had every right to a copy of her transcript at a reasonable price, and there are indigent services organizations which may have been able to provide financial assistance if needed.

Kevin says “It may be interesting reading to you if you want to know how a psychopath/sociopath man behaves when he is wigged out on drugs and the circumstances he has put himself into, and how he projects that upon his captive audience, but it wasn’t a good read for me.”

Yeah, that might’ve been interesting reading. Would that have been testimony from Liz which painted that picture? Were there others who testified to how Tim behaved while he was wigged out on drugs or was this picture solely painted by a defendant trying to convince a jury she acted in self-defense? Was there any testimony to corroborate Liz’s version of what transpired in the hours leading up to Tim’s death?

Quite frankly I’m impressed as hell with the representation Liz got from Charlie Burt with less than four months to prepare for trial. Liz was tried and acquitted within five months of the murder. Guess she didn’t wave her right to a speedy trial. A procedure common to defendants who are not incarcerated prior to trial. No, this murder trial was wrapped up quick and all tidy like, and I’d like to see just how Charlie Burt did it. I’d like to know how someone who wigged herself out on meth was able to convince a jury she was being truthful, and why the prosecution wasn’t buying any of it.

I guess with comments like these I have to admit I’m slamming them now…WITH FACTS!

While I’m at it, I’d like to know why Jodie Swearingen fingered Vince Taylor for killing Rooster in her hypnosis and still feels that way to this day.

Told me so in the past month. Oh that’s right, I’ve alienated myself from everyone says Kevin. Kind of hard to be alienated when they give you their phone number, but that’s Kevin’s story, and I’m sure he’s sticking to it. Might be alienating myself now from Jodie by sharing her comments, but oh well, everything does have it’s price. Right Kevin?

Jodie even said Kevin and Liz are both aware of her feelings about Vince, yet strangely, both have supported and helped Jodie in numerous ways for well over a decade now.

So why do you suppose I’m not afforded anything close to that kind of support by Kevin? Why do you suppose Kevin associates with Jodie, the Natividad family, and others who haven’t even come close to devoting as much time and effort as I have in seeking justice for his brother and for Frank, yet shuts down communication and disassociates himself from me? Not to mention he slams me for my association with Shorty. How is my association with Shorty different from Kevin’s association with Jodie? I’ll tell ya how…my association with Shorty has produced results. What has Kevin’s association with Jodie produced other than a dent in his pocketbook?

The list of “peculiarities” with regard to Kevin and his desire to slam and disassociate himself from the one and only person who has stepped up like no other has been steadily mounting over the past five years, and the time has come to address all of them in chronological order with a web page for the site. Believe me, it will be a very interesting and factual read.

Yes, it really makes a lot of sense to slam and disassociate yourself from someone who has spent five years building a website about your brother’s murder, put himself in the trenches so to speak, and produced results like no other. Someone who Kevin himself has posted is an intelligent guy willing to get his feet wet in this case. Someone who Kevin turned over all of Frank’s case files to. Someone who Kevin let take his children camping, and the list goes on.

So, is this Kevin’s way of admitting his perception of me was all wrong? If Kevin had me figured out all wrong wouldn’t that be a shining example of his ability to perceive other’s true intentions in this case?

All else aside, I think I’ve more than earned the right for him to at least communicate to me just what it is he thinks I’m doing that is inappropriate or justifies his lack of communication with me. The fact that he has never taken the time to debate any issues with me tells me he’s not confident in his own argument. Go figure.

The best reason I can think of not to argue a point is if you are arguing it with an idiot. If Kevin gives me credit for being intelligent than I guess he doesn’t think I’m an idiot. Has he decided he was wrong about that now too? All these mistakes and misperceptions.

Can’t help wondering if he’s wrong about his perception of his own wife.

Well Kevin, I’ve said my piece. What say you now?

"WE" are all waiting for your response or even one from Liz. Don’t believe me? All you gotta do to find out is post your reply. I deserve an answer.



Ron Huntley Has Died

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Francke Case
A longtime site visitor alerted me the other day to the passing of Ronald Huntley. Huntley, a one-time private investigator who worked for Liz Godlove’s murder trial attorney Charlie Burt, claimed that Michael Francke’s and Frank Thompson’s deaths were related.
You can read more about this in a piece entitled "Untimely Deaths" that Granny put together awhile back and posted anonymously at the Greg Johnson/Kellcy article on the WW website.


I was saddened to hear this news. Mostly because of a site visitor among us who knew Buddy well and spoke highly of him. My heart goes out to her for her loss. 

It was Saturday, June 18, 1983….Perhaps the biggest moment in Portland Wrestling history as, after seven years of possibly being the most hated wrestler in Portland history, Playboy Buddy Rose turns face and rescues Billy Jack Haynes in the ring. A classic video!

I wonder if Billy Jack Haynes plans to attend the funeral. 

Wrestler ‘Playboy’ Buddy Rose Found Dead – Portland News Story – KPTV Portland

Watched "The Wrestler" this week on DVD and couldn’t help thinking about Billy Jack Haynes through the entire movie.
I have few regrets about having to move away from Portland, but I sure wish I’d have still been in Portland when Billy contacted me. Had I have been able to meet with Billy in person, things would’ve played out much differently. I have a fondness for Billy that is difficult to explain other than I feel we are both alike in many ways.
Whether or not the story Billy shared with me about him being at the Dome Building the night Michael Francke was murdered is true we may never know for sure, but I can assure you if I was still in Portland Billy and I would’ve spent a lot of time together, and we would’ve paid a visit to Bruce Anderson’s house together.
It sickens me that so many people have come forward with information over the years only to be ignored for one reason or another. That makes no sense to me at all.
Prior to Billy contacting me in late 2007, he had also been in contact with a local Portland area documentary video producer. Billy was hoping to generate interest in filming a documentary on his life. Did he conjure up his Francke story to entice the producer to take on the project? Maybe, maybe not. Again, personally I would’ve spent time with Billy to find out.
Billy continued his correspondence with the producer after he discontinued his correspondence with me using his Francke story to garner more attention to the documentary project. Although the producer was genuinely interested in Billy’s Francke spin, he ultimately determined Billy was more interested in telling his life story aside from the Francke spin.
A woman who claimed to be Billy’s ex contacted me last month asking if what Billy had shared with me about the Francke murder was true. Her name is Cherri Houk. She never responded to my reply to her email. Others have contacted me concerning Billy. One with an offer for Billy to do some promo spots or something. Reconnect with his fans in some way. I forwarded the email to Billy.
I’ve also extended an invitation to Billy to come visit me in Iowa, and have offered to cover his travel expenses. You’re not scared of me are you Billy? Best way I can think of for the two of us to iron out any differences brought about by Granny. I’m more than happy to share my thoughts with you face to face rather than Granny forwarding my emails to you.
Seems to be a lot of new videos of Billy on YouTube lately. Here’s one of his retirement which includes his father and other family members. One thing I’m sure of…Billy did love his father very much.

Frank’s Trial Transcript

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Francke Case
Just under a month ago I sent Phil Stanford an email inquiring if he had a copy of Frank’s trial transcript that he could copy and send me. Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks later when I receive an email from Kevin Francke informing me Phil had called him asking for some assistance in getting it to me in a digital format.
Yesterday I received a disk from Kevin in the mail. My thanks to both.
I had also requested a copy of Frank’s trial transcript from Nell Brown, the federal attorney representing Frank in his federal appeal. She informed me the only copy she had was over 10,000 pages and takes up six 4-inch binders and a whole shelf in her office.
Hmmm…if that’s what’s on the disk Kevin sent me, I definitely have my work cut out.
Ms. Brown felt it was unfortunate that she didn’t have a digital copy of the transcript, so I guess that leaves me to wonder just what precisely is on this disk Kevin sent me. I’ve quickly reviewed the first few folders that seem to cover hearings which occurred prior to the actual trial beginning. I’d ask Kevin but he hasn’t responded to my reply I sent him after receiving his email. Kinda makes me wonder why he bothered to take the time to send me the disk, but then, I did mention something to Phil about "actions speaking louder than words." Ok-ok, words may not be as loud but they help.
But back to Nell Brown…if she felt it unfortunate not to have her copy of the transcript in digital format, nor the staff to delegate such a task to, why not have a copy made and sent to me for digitizing? It’s not like we haven’t met or I haven’t proven my devotion to this case after nearly five years of involvement.
It’s not like she has told me my efforts are a detriment to this case. To the contrary in fact.
I’ve always felt those who were most successful were those who could delegate well, but that’s just my opinion, and I do love to share that a lot, don’t I?

Jonathan Rundy Creates Website

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Francke Case
Jonathan Rundy, a site visitor who has been quite vocal at times in my message forum, has created a website entitled The link appeared this morning when I conducted a google search on Frank Gable as I do from time to time. I wonder why he never mentioned it to me? Probably just wanted to see how long it would take me to find it on my own. Haha!
The site is very appealing to the eye and is easily navigated. Very well done JR!

Why Christians Fight To Stay Alive

Posted: April 19, 2009 in Videos
A new report says that dying people are more likely to do everything they can to stay alive if they’re religious than if they’re non-religious.
Edward Current provides his explanation.