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About a month ago I was contacted by one of the students of a Forensic Psychology class in the UK asking for permission to download crime scene photos and other material from my website. Apparently their professor had picked the Francke case due to the enormous amount of information available on the internet, namely from my website.
They have been studying the Behavior Evidence Analysis approach to offender profiling. The fact that Frank is still in custody and there are major issues with his conviction really fired the minds of the students.
Three completed profiles have been chosen to share with me and I have received the first today. Needless to say, none of the profiles have come up with offender characteristics which should have led to a conviction for Frank.
I will share these profiles once I have received permission.

The lawyer we’ve all dreamed about for Frank. Yo, better call Saul yo. LOL!

DUI? Dealing Drugs? Better Call Saul!

A few months back Ex-Salem emailed me asking why I was posting Frank’s letters which showed him talking smack about his sister, the Franckes and Phil Stanford. There are other letters where he talks smack about others who have helped him in various ways over the years, but I haven’t posted those. Maybe soon.
The following is the email I received from ex, and my response.
From: Ex-Salem C
Sent: August 31 7:28 PM
To: Rob Taylor
Subject: RE: August 25th post

Rob, while all that is true. 
I want to know what the point is?
Sure she pissed you off, and does not appreciate you for what you are. 
But to try to cause drama or stir up more hate between them?
I don’t get it.  Sure we don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes.
Most women were born bitches, it is our privilage.  But you are going to sink to fighting about peoples relationships?
You must have received some good letters recently.
I have a car show to shove up someones ass. 
To:   Ex-Salem C
From: Rob Taylor 
Subject: RE: August 25th post
Sent: September 01 11:58 AM
Right on! I finally got put in check. Always wonder about people who never do that. I can’t be that perfect. haha! Actually I thought I would get checked for publishing Frank’s letters.
Not sure I understand some of your email though. Not trying to stir up MORE hate between Frank and his sis. Have no reason to believe any hate exists at all between them. I mean, it’s obvious from Frank’s own words that he pretty much feels the same way about her as I do, but it’s also obvious from his words that he’s very grateful to her for standing by him and putting cash on his books all these years. So essentially he has no balls to stand up to her no matter how wrong she is in order to protect that cash flow cuz he’ll be the first to admit she’ll cut him off in a heartbeat if he doesn’t do as she wants. Even if it means severing his ties with the one person who he has been able to count on for various tasks and the one person who stepped up and made a gigantic effort to put his case back in the public eye, get a witness to recant and provide an affidavit. An affidavit that cost me $1000 in travel and food expenses etc. to obtain.
Was that affidavit important? Important enough for Frank to mention several times he needs and asking me to do what I can to get it. An affidavit that his fed attorney flew halfway across the country on 24 hours notice to get. Seems important to me on those notes.
When I set up a meeting with Shorty and Nell Brown in PDX he wouldn’t give her the affidavit, but he apparently told her what she wanted to hear. Nell told Frank about the meeting and Frank wrote to tell me about it. Reiterated how important it was again. Said Nell told him Shorty was planning to take a train to Iowa. Frank said he didn’t think that was a good idea bringing that scum around my family again. Well duh! Still, I did it, cuz Frank was practically begging.  Fortunately I was successful.
When I wrote that "reflecting on 5 years of" piece and also posted the email exchange between Kevin and I to support it further, I sent copies to Frank. Frank blew his lid worried Francine was gonna get pissed and cut him off from cash. I told Frank to hold his temper if it angered him and we would discuss it. Frank had severed his ties with me two years ago when Francine flipped a bitch. We got past it when I explained true friends get mad and argue or disagree, but true friends work through it, move on, and remain true friends. He backed up then and suggested we keep our correspondence secret asking me to try to make up with Francine. He didn’t think it would work, but felt it was worth the effort. So I did. Wrote her an apology which she accepted. Six months later she attacks me in the Greg Johnson article for capping on Greg. Course we all know now that Greg and I communicate and have established a relationship of sorts. I befriended Jodie while she was in jail. Jodie gave me her myspace account info to forward her any messages. One of those messages turned out to be from Francine talking shit about me. Francine, the one who capped on me telling me the Gable family doesn’t want anyone other than lawyers contacting witnesses.
Anyway, I wrote Frank back saying calm down, check this out and lets discuss it. He wrote back with words straight outa Francines mouth. Said he read some, skimmed over some, than trashed the rest. So I wasn’t even afforded the opportunity to discuss anything. It was all about the grief Francine was causing him and he didn”t pay any attention to anything else. Didn’t matter to him. Only thing that mattered was appeasing Francine to protect the cash flow. Seemingly like that was more important than any chance at freedom even.
Frank went on to belittle the cash I had spent, asking how much do I think him and his family have spent. Crazy huh? I mean, duh they’ve spent money cuz it’s his ass on the line. I spent money and I didn’t even know the guy or anyone else in this case. Feel me? Frank ended up telling me the money I spent on getting Shorty’s affidavit I should’ve spent to feed the homeless. Felt it best to severe ties while we are still on good terms. The fool makes a comment that I should’ve fed the homeless instead of spending it trying to get the affidavit he was begging me for and he actually thinks we can severe ties on good terms? This all happened two months ago, so I’ve put a lot of thought into the direction I want to go at this point.
Anyway, could go on forever. You asked what my point is. I suppose part of it is vengeance if I’m honest with myself. Your mouth is your worst enemy, and Frank’s mouth helped to put him where he is with ridiculous statements like "only God and me know who killed MF." Apparently Frank hasn’t learned anything since then. After all I’ve done Frank is gonna chump me off over the cash he gets from his sister as if the repurcussions of not getting the cash outweighs the repurcussions he may bring on himself by chumping me off. The guy with all these letters from him talking smack about his sis, the Franckes, Stanford, and others who I know of BTW, and who are good people but don’t jump or jump fast enough when he calls for something. These people have their own lives. They’re not related to him, just concerned for him and they show that with their letters and some cash sometimes. It’s all they know how to do.
Frank is really some punk bitch, lemme tell ya after five years. Still, he doesn’t deserve to be wrongfully convicted. I feel like I’ve been wrongfully convicted in all this, ya know?
Not sure if any of this will help you understand or answer your questions. I think it’s impossible for anyone else to fully grasp how much of myself I’ve devoted without even knowing anyone involved. Maybe this will help…
Imagine devoting your life to God in a manner that far surpasses most other’s devotion and when you get to the pearly gates God says you need to turn around. You’re not welcome up here. You look at him and exclaim, are you out of your fucking mind? Don’t you recognize all that I’ve done. Any of it? How would that make you feel? That’s how I feel. Then God tells you his decision isn’t up for discussion while he’s stepping aside allowing in Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, and the unibomber, giving them high fives for jumping on his leg the last few months, even though they ignored him most of their lives to the fullest degree.
Does that help you to feel what I feel? Spent enough time on this.
Time to start sharing all that I’ve been holding back. Much more to come.